Dear all, welcome to AndyLauSounds.

AndyLauSounds (ALS) started off as World of Andy Lau, a fan-site hosted in Geocities in 1998. A few months later, it moved to Xoom.com but the site was closed down due to some technical issues in 2002. Then came an approach for a collaboration, which was accepted and the site was renamed AndyLauSounds. With its own domain name, the site’s content grew and thus the massive increase in visitors.

ALS began to gain some reputation in the Andy’s fansite and English-speaking fans’ community, it was even tagged as “the most comprehensive fan site for Andy Lau” or some claimed it to be the “best fan site for Andy Lau”.

However, good things don’t last as the initial successful collaboration came to an end as the site went down in July 2003, even the domain name was registered by cybersquatters in hope to sell it off with a high price.

ALS remain “dead” until December 2004, when I (finally) decided to give the site another shot by registering an account in blogger.com (after months of consideration). Despite losing its domain name and many of its contents, it’s (still) a right choice to “revive” ALS as it was a success when former readers re-discovered the site.

Four years went past, (by chance) I discovered that the domain name became available after cybersquatters (finally) de-registered the domain name. I swiftly registered it and got the site hosted in a paid server, running on WordPress platform.

Do help to spread the news around that ALS is back …….. thanks for all the support!