Andy & Sammi: Our chemistry is like husband and wife

When Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng sit together to be interviewed, there would be sparks, no wonder Andy would say: “We’re husband and wife in films, we can accept be the other party good or bad.” Collaborating with Johnnie To and Wai Kar Fai, it was their seventh collaboration.


For this time round, Andy double up as the compere for Sina Entertainment as he took the initiative to interview Sammi, questions and answers, it can be seen the strong chemistry they had. Sammi said: “Time cultivate trust, acting with Andy is like playing ball, he gave me a quality ball, I will have the confidence to return a good ball back to him, he always motivate me, is he crazy, I’m crazier than him!”

This full of chemistry “film husband and wife”, what pros and cons they have? Sammi said: “He’s too skinny! He doesn’t eat at the film set!” Andy is more realistic, “The pros of Sammi is for all to see, during shooting she would always maintain her best shape. Cons is that she does not know how to protect herself, does not know danger, she love others a lot but does not love herself much.”

With regards to playing a blind detective, Andy went to a training centre for the blind and trained with his eyes bind. In the end, he said: “Actually until the last stage, playing a blind person must tell everybody that I can see and this is actually what the blind had been doing for his whole life.”

We are husband and wife in films


Andy (A): Hello netizens of Sina, I’m your compere Andy Lau, today I’m interviewing my beloved Sammi Cheng, very happy to come to Cannes, she had a film titled Blind Detective, can you introduce the film and your character?

Sammi (S): This film is collaborated with Mr. Andy Lau and director Johnnie To, we had collaborated several times, had collaborated with Andy for 7 times. Actually this film is full of elements, it has comedy and some serious stories, there’s also suspense, some action, some horror. I’m thankful that the script provides a wide area for actors to venture and it also represent different humanities.

Sina Entertainment (SE): Just now Andy said that both of you are husband and wife in films, can you explain each others pros and cons?

S: Pros is, I believed the world knows and understand the enthusiasm he has for films, also I can prove that for every film set he went, he would bring his best out, this make me feel that I’ve learn many things from him. Whenever seeing him doing his best and perfecting in everything, this make me wanted to bring my own spirit and stamina to the same level as him, can venture a lot with him.

A: What about cons?

S: He’s too skinny!

A: Sammi complaint me skinny, roars!

S: During shooting, it seems that we didn’t eat much, when I see how skinny he was, I also don’t dare to eat.

A: Her pros can be seen by everybody, you can find a very fashionable feel on her, from her acting, in the whole film, she said that I always maintained my best shape, she can do it too. But her cons is that sometimes she does not know how to protect herself, does not know danger, loving others is enough and not love herself.


SE: Playing a blind man this time round, it was said that the eyes in the window to the soul, without communication of the eye, how both of you going to act?

S: It’s does not always need eye contact when getting along with people. It’s the inner feelings, there are body language which is good for communication. Andy who is blind in the film, but he did not let you feel that he’s blind all the time, it’s just natural, thus communicating with him does feel like communicating with a blind person. This is also his speciality when acting a blind person, making it lively, he also went to the training centre for the blind to study their lifestyle, using their body language which make the co-star easy to react.


A: When first told to act a blind person, I think how should I go represent in front of the camera, telling everybody that I’m blind. This is the first step, I have this preparation and then went to the centre for training, living with them for quite some time, I used my ears to listen everyday, bind my eyes and live with them. Till the end, after removing the eye mask, they told me that I’ve succeed, I have learn the whole process of taking care of myself. That person then told me that he would accompany me to play one game, they had to go through this flight of stairs everyday, he told me, now we’re at level 5, let’s compete who is faster going down and up these stairs?

SE: So who is faster?

A: It’s him. I didn’t expected it, we ran separately. Therefore to act well a blind person, you must tell everybody that you “can see”. Because this is what they wanted to do throughout their life, actually it’s like changing another angle to act. After completing one third of the film, I kept telling everybody that I can see, acting out this way, the feeling will be very good.


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