Braids head Andy stuffed chicken drumsticks

Andy Lau who had maintained his status in showbiz with his handsome looks and outstanding acting, however netizens posted a photograph which he forgo his image during a skit onto the Internet. In the photograph Andy spotted a braids head to attend the variety show and stuffed three chicken drumsticks into his mouth, such comical looks could not recognize that he’s the heavenly king.


A netizen named “Flying Dragon Sword V” posted photographs of Andy which he extracted from Sudden Weekly Magazine on his blog, the photographs were from 2001 when Andy attended a Taiwanese variety show where he appeared with a braids head in which he impersonate Yuen Biao of “7 Lucky Stars” and was bullied by the two seniors acted by the comperes – Hsu Hsiao Shun and Pon Chia Chia. Then, he was in Taiwan to promote the film that he collaborated with Sammi Cheng – Needing You.


The netizens that saw this old photo of Andy were surprised and expressed “He looked so embarrassed”, as they pointed out that with his mouth stuffed with drumsticks, it looked as if his “nostrils were stuffed with the drumsticks”, sighed that “all superstars have a sorry history”. Some fans came out to defend Andy with exclamation: “Death for those who said bad things of Andy,” they expressed angrily: “What’s so special about this photograph, isn’t there so many photographs of artists in the Internet?”

It can only be said that Andy who with a certain status in showbiz, still willing to made himself looked ugly and comical in a variety show, you would have to respect him.

news and photos from:,, ETtoday