Andy: Everyone is used to view me with a magnifier

Earlier Andy Lau went for a manly photo shoot and also interviewed ELLE MEN magazine, with his usual modesty, Andy exclaimed that everyone has been using a magnifier to view him. Below is the content of the interview:

Andy Lau is slim, vigour and active. He smile, waved and shake hands with everyone in the presidential suite when he stepped in. In any environment with Chinese, everybody should recognize Andy Lau. Although everyone is a stranger to him, but he still has to do his part of “everybody is my old friend”.

Just like the famous commercial that encourages Hong Kong citizens, Andy told every Hongkongers in the commercial: “To do well your job.” For every detail in a job, he will do his best. Andy is good at facing the camera as he immediately knew the photographer’s intention as he did his poses and gave his best angles. During the shooting, he stood in-front of the window to look at the scenery of Shanghai, the strong waves of Huangpu River, the scenery that easily motivate one’s ambition. When TVB was shooting the Shanghai Grand drama, he was just a passer-by.

Soon, Andy then danced on the red carpet. Most of the actors used body double even in dancing scenes as the director shoot from far distance. However, it clearly show that these dances moves was part of him, he added them into his films and concerts. During the photo shoot, he made fun of himself, he talked with a stern look, a look of a heavenly king. Sometimes, he looked like a grown up boy, during the photo shoot, he would used the hotel’s desserts as props before eating them. Out of a sudden, his fingers were stained with the butter and oil but he just licked them mischievously. This is the heavenly king Andy Lau that everybody knew. Everybody’s impression of Andy Lau, he’s so hardworking, perfect. For example, everybody knew that he’s already 50 years old, but still maintained his 6 abs muscles.

“Actually I do not have that many….” He could not stop everybody of having such impression of him, but he surely knew what these meant. Simply said, he exclaimed: “I eat everything, it’s what everybody thinking of….” he stopped for a while, “really, I think everybody has been looking at me with a magnifier.”

During the chat, the crew members pushed in a giant flash light which will be used during the photo shoot. Soon, the light shine strongly on his face and he quickly got into the photo shoot. During the photo shoot, he mumbled: “In this way you would not be able to see the watch?”; “Should I show the watch this way?”, both Andy and the photographer considered. Andy managed to come to a decision before the photographer did. This clearly showed why he is the Andy Lau of today, the one that everybody loved. Saying this, Andy disagree, sitting down to continue the chat, he stressed again and asked: “What differences do I have? Actually I feel that everything I did are normal, take for example, everybody said that I’m professional, hardworking, filial. I do not know what the current society. Isn’t all these the basic requirements?” When he was saying all these, he opened his eyes wide and the wrinkles showed, but he’s still the handsome Andy Lau. He urged everyone to be understanding and have own opinion, able to admire other people’s plus points, no need to talk about prefect, the world would not rest, it will only get better.

The conversation with Andy

Q: For this Shanghai trip for Cartier Tank wrist watch event, the spirit of this series of watches is : Never stop, while you’re like “non-stop machine” as you carrying on shining in showbiz, so do you any new challenges in your upcoming work?

A: I feel that “time” has a fixed frequency, it kept going forward. If you stop, you will lost track with the world. Everybody is the same, I don’t feel that I’m special, I’m just following my own rhythm. My rhythm had been the same all these years, from what I see that it’s very normal. A person can work so much every day, I can see it as very normal. Maybe some people divided their time to other places, some play hard while I work hard.

Q: After shooting A Simple Life, did it make you have any consideration on ageing? How you look at health problems?

A: I never specially go consider…ageing is very natural, it’s the same as our film, we didn’t exaggerate. If some other people filmed nursing home, it would be tougher than us. The benefit of this film is it being realistic, there’s sorrow and happiness, this is the balance. If it’s all the way sorrow, we can earn the tears but will have poor box office takings. With regards to health, you just need to maintain your motivation, you will have good health. Some people found out many discomfort after retirement, because all the rhythm had been mixed up. You’re used to eat at 8, sleep at 10, every day is the same, you will be healthy, if it’s mixed up, it would not be good. Anyway, do you think I’m abnormal?

Q: Feel that you are superior than a normal person, you don’t age.

A: Maybe I get happy easily.

Q: Talked about the wrist watch’s Never stop spirit, other than work, do you have any other things or person in life that will give you the never stop feel?

A: For this time, it would be Cartier’s Asian team. Because it is an European brand, hoping to introduce the Never Stop spirit to Asia. When they discuss with me, it’s also a long process, their Asian team know about me, but not the headquarters in France, they also need time to introduce me to HQ. I don’t like to say “how good it is”, I’m more concern in the product’s “quality”, for example it has it’s traditional side, it has its changes.

Q: Everybody’s commented that you are “perfect” and a “legend”, how you do that, or you’re not perfect in your own eyes?

A: Nothing is perfect. I don’t know, for example let’s say if it’s wrong for a person to work hard? Being filial to parents is wrong? Many people said that I’m filial to my parents, for me, isn’t what I should do? Although I have many changes in my image, but my tradition never changes. When my parents tell me something, I would never say no to them. Parents are always right. Of course if there’s anything that would hurt them, I will tell them. With regards to legend, normally it’s for some person with huge highlight in a short period of time, they would easily become legend. But these people or things will change in time, maybe would give people a different feeling, I rather be the latter than former, don’t dare to be a legend, but I pay my respect to those elderly and evergreen legends.

Q: So you helped Deanie Ip in A Simple Life, that’s a respect from your heart….

A: Yes, but she’s not an elderly, we’re from the same generation. (smile) She’s not that old, she acted well, I’m just presenting myself.

Q: These few years you have helped several newbie film directors, an example being Ning Hao, is there any story behind this? What’s your directive?

A: I’m not a person to do things with an aim, these people are my friends. Actually Ning Hao participated in my script writing contest in Hong Kong, he won for two consecutive years and won $50,000. We became friends, then he was already a successful film director, no problem to shoot a film with a budget of $6-8 million, but the boss would give their own opinions. Then I asked him if he wants $2 million? Initially his script is titled “diamond”, but that could not be called “diamond”, so we called it “stone”.

Q: With regards to investing films, what’s your requirement?

A: Few personal requirements, I don’t have an eye for the market. I’ll be good if I have an eye for the market.

Q: Talking about yourself, do you collect wrist watches?

A: I did in the past, not I don’t. I loved watches in the past, during the 90s where I have many watches in my home. There was once I went to Thailand, my house was broken in, I lost more than 30 watches, and the police warned me. Because I exclaimed in public, if the burglar wanted to sell the stolen watches, they can sell back to me, the police told me that I affected their job. When working, we normally removed our watch and left it in the makeup room, easily lost it, then had to leave it at home, not I don’t leave them at home. For this wrist watch, I’ll leave it on my hand, will look at it when I need it. I don’t like new watches, I like those with spirit and stories.

Q: You have your own style of dressing, do you like any accessories?

A: Anything will do, not to follow the fashion trend.

Q: You’re the target of fashion events, but in recent years you have been keeping a distance from the fashion circle, why? How you did that?

A: I did not keep a distance from the fashion circle, I follow fashion trend, will not lose track, relax, hahahaha… but I will choose the labels that I like and suits me to collaborate or consider attending their activities. Because if I know and admire those fashion, then I would feel comfortable and present naturally.

Q: If you have holidays during work, what sort of lifestyle would you arrange for yourself?

A: No arrangement is the most comfortable, you can do what you want, doing nothing is the best holiday.

Q: What sort of message or strengths that you hope “Andy Lau” can bring to others?

A: I hope to bring a positive and upright strengths, for example that during my favorite job, always believe that there are room for improvements, then there will be interest and motivation to do without resting.

Q: If you can urge everybody to introduce to everybody one virtue that had been forgotten, what would it be?

A: Understanding. Have your own opinion, and admire other people’s plus points, no need to talk about prefect, the world would not rest, it will only get better. Perfect does not exist. I don’t know, like people are saying, isn’t one suppose to be hardworking? One supposed to be filial to parents?

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