Lin Chiling curls around Andy

To promote the film – Switch, Andy Lau and Lin Chiling went for the photo-shoot and appeared on the cover for October’s marie claire magazine, Lin Chiling can be seen “curling” around Andy’s body. Many fans are anticipating the their film collaboration.

In the magazine, Andy talked about him giving up studies to enter showbiz, he expressed that he did not managed to get enough marks for his Form 6 and pleaded the school to allow him to continue studying, his class has 26 students and he was ranked 26th, the last in the class. After studying for 3 months, he decided to stop studying, he quipped: “Then, all my classmates urged me to become an artist, I replied them: “If I’m going to be an artiste, I will be a superstar”, he wrote down his “artiste dream” on his Form 5 graduation magazine.”

Andy exclaimed that the film is like the Asian James Bond films, he quipped: “If I’m really a secret agent, I would need trainings on my stamina and mentality.”

news and photos from: China Times, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News (Taiwan),