Lin Chiling and Zhang Jingchu by the sides of Andy

3D secret agent action film – Switch is currently rushing its post production as it would hit the cinemas on 2 November. Recently, the three main leads Andy Lau, Lin Chiling and Zhang Jingchu did a cha-cha dance poses for the cover of Esquire September’s magazine. There is another message from the photos as it was discovered that they have an indifferent relationship in the film.

In the series of photographs, heavenly king Andy danced cha-cha with the two beauties, simulating a happy scenario. However, in some of the photographs, Andy seems to show some favouritism as he has close contact with Lin Chiling, no matter it’s holding her waist or a soft touch on her forehead, so loving. In another photograph of them dancing together, it also show Andy’s “favouritism” as it clearly shows that he turn his head’s direction towards Lin Chiling while Zhang Jingchu was “neglected”.

Zhang Jingchu also did not lose out, for another photo she dressed manly and with a bow in hand. Meanwhile, Andy looked glum in the background, seems to be disgusted to be “imprison” by his former lover.

It is said that in the film Switch, the three of them would be in a love triangle. Initially Andy was loyal to Zhang Jingchu, but one mission changed everything, the ever-changing and sexy Lin Chiling took Andy’s heart away. In this way, it showed their relationship, Andy is picky in love, Lin Chiling took the initative and Zhang Jingchu used defence as attack in terms of love. Who will be the winner, how it would end for this complicated love relationship? You would have to wait till 2 November for the answer.

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