Fans opt out eating meat on Andy’s 50th birthday

For Andy Lau’s 50th birthday, many fans went online to his official website to send their wishes, one even started “meatout day” as he ate vegetarian as a blessing for his idol.

According to reports in China Times, as per his usual practice Andy gave himself an off day on his 50th birthday, crew members do not dare to disturb him, but fans’ wishes had flooded his website, the most special being someone started a 927 meatout day activity, hope people who love him would eat vegetarian on that day. Fan also addressed Andy as ‘De Hua Gong He Guo Liu Zong Tong’ (Andy’s United World President Lau) in order for earth to be more healthy, urges everyone to do environmental protection. Several fans even started a blog titled “xxx wish Andy Lau Happy 17th Birthday”.

Earlier, Andy who cameo in the Shrimp Crazy Family musical, someone commented on his website: “My idol still can do comedy in between singing and dancing, really talented!”

Korean star Lee MinHo whose popularity rose due to Korean drama City Hunter was in Beijing modeling for Veloster vehicles which he endorsed. Lee MinHo showed off his Mandarin and hope to get some time off to visit The Palace Museum and climb the Great Wall of China. Lee MinHo also wish to collaborate with Chinese directors and actors, among all actors and directors, he most wishes to collaborate with Andy Lau and John Woo Yu-Sen.

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