Wilber Pan dubbed for Andox

A China Film Group Corporation production, 3D animation film – Bull Brothers directed by Jonathan Hua Lang Lim will hit the cinemas during the summer holidays, it narrates the adventures of Andox and Box fighting against enemies to protect their country.

Andy Lau not only involves in the dubbing, he is also the producer of the film, as he invited Wilber Pan, Shu Qi, He Jiong, Tong Dawei for the dubbing of the film. Currently the film is in post-production and dubbing stage. When reporters paid a visit, Wilber was doing his best dubbing the action scene for Andox with his voice making sounds like “hur” and “ha” as media asked him if it was like Jay Chou’s song ‘Shuang Jie Kun’ (Nunchucks).

This is Wilber’s second dubbing for an animation film after he dubbed for Po in Taiwan’s Kung Fu Panda, this made it easier for him dubbing for Bull Brothers. However he expressed: “Po and Andox are completely different characters, Po is just a panda that laze around, it requires to be more exaggerating, Andox is more steady and have character, normally I dubbed with a low tone, I also need to use different emotions for Andox when he’s young and grown up.”

To be able to dub for Andox, Wilber exclaimed that he was returning the favor to Andy, he said: “It can be said, without Andy I’ll not be what am I of today, because after I participated in the singing contest, I was signed up by Andy’s company.” Wilber was delighted to (finally) collaborate with his idol and he hope that he could collaborate with Andy in a film or duet a song.

Wilber’s participation in Bull Brothers coincide with his 10th anniversary in showbiz, this is also the first time that he got to collaborate in a film with his first boss. Wilber quipped that although Andy did not give him any direct guidance but he did learn a few things from him, “He allowed me to watch his concert, what he prepared and said in the backstage, I learn from him. Now I’m going to stage my own concert, I would still be nervous, I’ll treat every concert as my first concert.”

news and photos from: Sina.com, jzvoice.cn, szonline.net

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