Andy touched when singing Anita Mui’s song

Andy Lau was interviewed by Commercial Radio deejay Eileen Cha Xiaoxin as he promotes his latest album – unforgettable.

When talked about the track ‘Zui Ai Shi Shui’, whom does he loved most in real life, Andy said: “I don’t have a good temper, I hated more people than I loved. (Is your family your first priority?) It’s been the same for so many years, when I find the time suitable, the people beside me will find it suitable, I’m satisfied with this arrangement. (You’re so busy and you still could divide out time for family?) Other than me out of Hong Kong, I would spend 10 hours at home.”

Andy said in his 30 years in showbiz, he’s thankful for the fans support, this does not need to be repeated, he also wanted to thanks the media for treating him well. (There are also negative news?) “It’s just for some situation, when everyone carry on asking, I will continue playing. (All these years, what’s the worst that happened to you?) I’m saying back to the media, good media is the majority, those negative is about what I had did, especially on my wedding, what they expected me to do? I’m curious, let me forget about this matter! Anyway I knew people would be writing me this way, I can do nothing.”

Paula Tsui was invited as a guest for his press conference, Andy exclaimed that he was good friends with her for many years. He said: “Occasionally I would communicate with her on phone, in the past she would come to my studio for her concert’s music, in the end my friend needed money, I’m also agreeable to sell the studio, Paula then asked me why I wanted to sell and where she would go for her recording as it hard to find someone to accommodate!”

In addition, the album include Anita Mui’s ‘Man Zhu Sha Hua’. Andy exclaimed that he loved this particular song of Anita. Whenever they were the performing guest of respective concerts, Anita would be singing his ‘Hui Dao Ni Sheng Bian’ as Andy said: “I can feel that it’s impeccable when she sang this song, (Are you touched when she sing this song?) I would, because she’s my good friend, I was so touched that I could not carried on recording this song, but feelings of her allowed me to sing this song better. (Will you sing this song during your concert?) Nope, the feeling of this song is non-stop, what to do if I cried after singing this song, what to do if 10 love this song and 10,000 dislike this song, maybe this song will appear in one of the nights.”

news from:, Headline Daily, Sing Tao News