After 11 years back to Singapore for concert, Andy broke into tears after 30 minutes

Heavenly King Andy Lau’s My Love Andy Lau World Tour Singapore stop kicked off last night (25 September) for a consecutive of 4 nights, it had been 4 years since Andy stepped onto a stage in Singapore.

It must had been too long since Andy had performed in Singapore and the fans missed him too much, adding on to him singing in mid-air and looking down at the 10,000 strong audience, he was so touched that he broke into tears just 30 minutes after the opening. He was singing the song ‘Ru Guo You Yi Tian’, that he choked and said: “Thanks to every good friends who was here.”

It was an elegant 4 sided stage, together with the lights and visual effects, it was outstanding. During the opening, the center circle was covered with a cloth, the opening music started and the cloth came off, Andy was standing in the raised platform. He sang ‘Yu Mo’ and ‘Zhong Guo Ren’, then he removed his coat and revealed his muscular arms and did a drum performance. Then he sang ‘Ben Xiao Hai’, it was filled with creativity as it included Chinese Opera dances.

With an 11 years absence, his first greeting to the fans was: “How are you? Good? Good?” After several rounds of greetings showed him missing the fans, he quipped: “The last time I’m here I’m yet 50 years old! Why are all of you still looked so young?” He asked fans: “Am I still handsome?” The fans replied: “Handsome,” with him revealing his satisfying smile.

He then told fans: “There will be one day that I couldn’t sing any more, like when I’m 80 years old, then I won’t dare to stand here. If there is one day that you bumped into an elderly on the street, hope you can go and hug him, tell him that he’s very handsome.”

He had an accident falling off the horse two years ago, last night he danced for a total of 3 hours, ran around 4 corners of the stage, he was full of energy as he ran high and low, the fans can relaxed seeing him in good conditions.

He sang many of his classic hit songs. Very near to his 58th birthday, when talked about him in showbiz for 38 years and fans never left him, he was touched: “For 38 years, the determination from all of you is no simple feat. Today I’m still healthy, I promised all of you, I will be good, I’m always the most handsome Andy Lau. If this lifetime is not enough, we will still be together in the next lifetime.”

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