Andy celebrated Mid Autumn Festival with Malaysian fans

Since his last concert in Malaysia in 2005, fans waited for him for 14 years, he finally brought his concert tour to Kuala Lumpur as 3-nights of his My Love Andy Lau World Tour – Kuala Lumpur 2019 was held at Axiata Arena from 13 – 15 September 2019. Malaysia is his first overseas stop. In order for Malaysian fans to watch the original concert, the organizer specially brought the whole Hong Kong production to Malaysia, the 4 sided stage and the largest 360 degrees hanging screen in Malaysia, round total of 54 meters walkway and 60 elevator traps to create a prefect visual effect for the Malaysian fans enjoyment.

Despite 58 years old, Andy still kept fit as he appeared in a white Chinese gown which he removes to show off his muscular arms before changing into a pink Tang costume to sing ‘Ben Xiao Hai’, the opening brought the atmosphere to its height as he expressed: “It’s being a long time I came, did you still remember when is the last time I came? It’s 14 years ago! Some of you even gave birth to 3 children, I don’t care, I want to enjoy your applause.” After saying the audience replied him with thunderous cheers and applause as he sat on the stage to enjoy the moment.

He exclaimed that actually he did not dare to come to Malaysia to stage his concert these 14 years, he pointed out that the tickets for his concert 14 years ago was selling very slow, he joked: “Now the market is good, I initially wanted to perform 2 nights, never expected I did 3 nights.” The support of the fans gave him confidence as he quipped: “Next time I come I will perform 4 nights, 60 years old perform 5 nights, 70 years old perform 10 nights!” After hearing the cheers from the fans, he happily said: “This is what you deserved, later pay me first!”

On 27 September, Andy would be 58 years old, he kept stressing on the word “handsome”, he excitedly said: “Although I no longer a little fresh meat but I’m still handsome, of course I don’t mind everybody addressing me as handsome guy!” He even asked everybody not to care about his age and just look at his face, “Since I started singing in 1986, every day I earned with my handsome face, till today seeing everybody’s reaction..everybody can address me as handsome guy!” He stressed that even he’s old but he’s still handsome! He specially thanked the fans’ support these 30 years as he sang ‘Xie Xie Ni De Ai’ to thanks their support.

Andy was in a delightful mood the whole night as other than praising himself “still handsome”, he always talked about love as he kept gave flying kisses and request his fans: “If you bumped into me on the streets, don’t act that you don’t recognize me, come forward to hug me, tell me that you love me, let your daughter and grand daughter to like me too!”

Although he kept saying that he depended on his looks, but during the concert, he sang and danced, maintaining his stamina and breathe. In order to get close to the audience sitting at the top, while singing ‘Ru Guo You Yi Tian’, he stood on a platform hanging by two wires and made rounds in mid air which the fans reacted with screams.

The first night happened to be Mid Autumn Festival, Andy sang ‘Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin’ for the Malaysian fans and wished all Happy Mid Autumn Festival, the audience sang along with him, it was a touching scene.

Towards the end of the concert, he said those in a rush can leave first, those loved him can stay, if those want to marry him, he apologize that he’s not single anymore which everybody burst into laughter. He said emotionally, “Today I enjoy the honor being a singer, to be able to get the support of all of you, I will not grow old, I will always be healthy and be handsome!” He end the concert with the song ‘Zhen Yong Yuan’.

news translated from: Kwong Wah Daily, Oriental Daily New, Cin Cai News