Andy and Sean location shooting attracted hundreds onlookers

During the lensing ceremony of Shock Wave 2, Andy Lau quipped that he would switch profession to dismantle cars, all bomb disposal tasks will be handled by the newly joined Sean Lau Ching-wan however during the location shooting at Temple Street on 29 March 2019, it can be seen that both Andy and Sean were wearing bomb disposal uniform sitting with Ron Ng in a police vehicle. It seems that it would be similar to the first movie where they are bomb disposal experts but with new characters and story line.

Andy Lau, Sean Lau, Ron Ng, Wong Tak-bun and Philip Keung were location shooting at Temple Street on 29 March 2019 where many police vehicles, fire fighting trucks, ambulances and bomb disposal vehicles were parked at Temple Street. They were shooting a scene that they received news of bombs thus Andy and Sean were called in and of course they completed their mission successfully. Due to Temple Street being a walking street and tourist spot, with such a chance of catching a glimpse of Andy hard to come by, it attracted hundreds of onlookers and resulted in a chaotic.

Although crew members reminded the public not to take any photographs, but nobody cared as “you could scold me I could shoot mine”. It’s unsure if this resulted in Andy, Sean and all actors spent most of the time resting in the rented store until making an appearance when shooting started. There would be screams whenever Andy and Sean made an appearance. Andy would wave back whereas Sean would nod his head and smile!

There was one female fan who wanted to see Andy sat on her boyfriend’s shoulder which attracted attention of those around her.