Shock Wave 2 start shooting

In 2017, Shock Wave which starred Andy Lau and produced broke the stronghold of crime thriller to become the box office champion for that year’s labour day Chinese film box office champion. Currently, after two years of preparation Shock Wave 2 had started shooting in Hong Kong.

The film continues the “golden partnership” of producer Andy and film director Herman Yau . Sean Lau Ching-wan and Ni Ni were invited to join the cast as Andy’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau (EOB) partner and policewoman respectively. It is heard that the film has new innovative in the script and increased budget for the sequel, there will be location shooting in world’s famous buildings, this will be the selling point of this film.

At the lensing ceremony, Sean expressed that he had chemistry with Andy after collaborating in Running Out of Time, in Shock Waves 2 he would be Andy’s partner in EOB. Ni Ni will be the film’s female lead, she will have a special love relationship with Andy, her character will be a female agent with reputation which has great effect on the story of the film.

Ni Ni expressed that she learnt many things in her first acting in Hong Kong, she exclaimed that Andy protected her during shooting which made her feel safe. In addition, other cast includes Tse Kwan-ho, Marc Ma, Philip Keung and Timmy Hung.