Andy: “Acting as conductor in Find Your Voice, I learnt many things”

20 March 2019, Andy who starred and produced Find Your Voice made an appearance at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, when asked of his feeling being the music conductor, a modest Andy said: “Learnt many things because I’m not very good at singing, this gave me the chance to gain many knowledge on music.”

Making its appearance at Hong Kong International Film Festival, Find Your Voice revealed its first trailer. In the trailer, Andy acted as music conductor teacher Yan as he was all smiles and put up a stern face when he faced a group of 33 students tagged as “hopeless”, he managed to trained them into a choir group as he used the strength of music to bring them out of their lowest point in life to restart a new life.

For his role as the conductor, Andy who had released many music albums gone through many conductor training including rhythm and music levels before shooting starts. When asked how he felt acting as a conductor, a modest Andy expressed: “Learnt many things, because I felt that I don’t have many knowledge on music, took this opportunity to learn how to be a music conductor and gained many knowledge on music.”

Andy introduced, “In the film I’m a teacher, while helping these teenagers, I’m also being treated by them, grow and learn together with them, this film allows me to gain a lot on life and music.” When enjoying the background of the film, when asked by reporters if he had seen such a handsome music conductor, he answered mischievously: “Of course, I see everyday in the mirror!”

Other than Andy, the film also retired actor
Lowell Lo making a comeback as the school’s principal and also attracted many experienced actors joining the cast which includes Hugo Ng, Mark Lui, Eddie Kwan, Loletta Lee, Wan Yeung-ming and Tse Kwan-ho.

The film started and finished shooting two years ago, but coincidentally Andy injured himself in Thailand, as he wished to handled the soundtrack of the film thus the release was delayed till now. An emotional Andy expressed: “Delighted to see these young actors had grown up and growth in confidence.”