Andy became four handed heavenly king

Since making a comeback from his injury, Andy Lau kept appearing on the news, firstly was the promotion of his latest film White Storm 2, in December he would be staging his My Love Andy Lau World Tour 20-shows concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, he recently filmed a new and creative commercial for OSIM massage chair.

In this commercial, Andy transformed into a “four-handed heavenly king” as he used four hands to play the piano, violin, cook and even lift weights.

Andy quipped: “For this commercial, I really showed off whatever I can do, take playing the violin for example, actually I knew nothing about it, hope my ‘first performance’ could bring surprise to the audience.”

Actually during the shooting of this commercial, there was another actor standing behind Andy responsible for his other two hands, to make it looked natural, Andy had several communications and rehearsals before the shooting. When asked if he really have four hands, Andy expressed that he would like to organize a hand shaking event, because many fans failed to get a queue number, if he had four hands he could have close contact with more fans and also cut down on fans’ waiting time.

When asked which superhero he like to play, he said that he hope to play The Hulk and experience the chance of transforming.

Andy was excited to be endorse OSIM massage chair for the third time, he put a lot of focus on his health as he loved to relax himself with massage when he has time. Being the endorser, he was not shy and exclaimed directly: “Currently I wish to have OSIM massage chair as present, if the massage chair sell well, I would be delighted, if to give me one, it would be the best gift!”

The making of the commerical

The OSIM uLove 2 Massage Chair commercial