Andy went to support last day shooting of White Storm 2

According to Hong Kong media reports, The White Storm 2 – Drug Lords starring Andy Lau, Louis Ko, Michael Miu, after three months of shooting, they had their last day of location shooting at Central MTR station and was completed successfully. Being producer and male lead, Andy had already completed shooting his scenes, but he still went to give support on the final day of shooting, they even opened bottles of champagne to celebrate the occasion. This is the first film after his recovery from injury, Andy said: “This is a delightful shooting, no matter the structure or everybody’s performance!”

Another male lead Michael Miu can considered shooting for the whole two months till the last day of shooting. Michael said: “Been a very hot and meaningful summer holiday!” The final day of shooting was shot in Central MTR station, he admitted: “This actual MTR station looked almost the same as the set we built, it’s too realistic!” When asked how long he since took the MTR trains, he said: “I took it once in a while! If anyone see me on the train, I welcome all to take photographs with me.”

At the moment Michael finished shooting, he told producer Andy: “I accomplished my mission.” Andy replied him: “Michael Miu, I congratulate you!”

When the crew opened champagne to celebrate, film director Herman Yau was asked what he wanted to say, he said: “Make it quick to start shooting the next film!” Andy smiled and exclaimed: “Quick approach me to be the producer of your next film!” Michael followed up saying: “Quick cast me in the next film!”