The White Storm 2 started shooting

Produced by Andy Lau and directed by Herman Yau, The White Storm 2 – Drug Lords held its press conference in Hong Kong on 23 July. That day, they were shooting the film’s most important scene in a MTR station, Andy brought along the cast Louis Koo, Michael Miu, Chrissie Chau, Cherrie Ying, Michelle Wai, Kwok Keung Cheung and Chen Peishi as they shared with the media on the developments, funny moments and shooting.

With the success of his production in recent years, “Produced by Andy Lau” had became a brand in Hong Kong films for quality films, when talked about his character in the film, Andy exclaimed: “Initially I just want to be the producer, when I received the script during the planning for Shock Wave 2, I was moved by the character and decided to take up the role.”

During the site visit, the company specially arranged to be at the expensive 1:1 constructed MTR station set where the most action would be shot. After Michael gave a signal behind the MTR station gantry gate, a police car with Andy and Louis onboard drove in, before all the other cast made an appearance. Witnessed by the media, they were armed with a broom each as they swept away the drugs props on the floor.

When asked how long since they took the MTR, Louis exclaimed: “Almost 10-20 years since I been to a MTR station, even not shooting in one because it’s very hard to do location shooting in a station, if not we would not build a 1:1 set. (Would you experience it by wearing a face mask?) I dare to take the trains, but I do not know how to switch line, I took train in overseas, can take it slowly as it’s more convenience compared to bus as their country’s area is too big, I tried waiting for 30 minutes for a seat.” Andy expressed: “At least 15 years I last used the MTR, but after after SARS wearing a face mask is more acceptable, sometimes rushing for time to cross island would took MTR to Central, I want to find a chance to take it again.” Michael then quipped: “Maybe you should take your daughter to take MTR.” Andy pretended to be angry and said: “You busy body.” Michael then joked: “It doesn’t matter, all are wearing face mask, (Would you bring Andy’s daughter to take the MTR?), I think he would kill me, he doesn’t bare to leave his daughter.”

Andy and Louis shared a story on the set with the media. Andy revealed that during the MTR station scene, there will be a rare sight of collision between MTR train and a car, Louis exclaimed that the scenes of this film will be more intense when compared to other Hong Kong crime thriller.

When asked if this film will have some comedy element, Andy expressed that White Storm 2 has a serious theme, everybody were serious in shooting the action scenes. Louis added that both of them were “filming seriously together”. When introducing the characters, Louis revealed a funny incident before the shooting started, because his name included the word “tian” (sky), thus he thought he would be given Andy’s character, later then he found out he was cheated to join this film.

It was said that White Storm followed the style of the first film but this time round with more budget as they built a 1:1 site. Other than the golden triangle of Andy, Louis and Michael, the other cast includes Karena Lam, Chrissie Chau, Cherrie Ying, Michelle Wai, Kwok Keung Cheung, Carlos Chan, MC Jin, Sam Lee, Kent Cheng and Chen Peishi.

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