56-years-old Andy to become father again? Carol looks pregnant

56-years-old Andy Lau to become a father again? It seems that his 52-years-old wife Carol Chu suspiciously looked pregnant as she visited gynaecology clinic, accompanied by her 6-years-old daughter.

According to Hong Kong’s Apple Daily reports, in the afternoon around 4PM on 31 May, Carol who was wearing a loose clothing and sandals, stomach a bit rounded, her hand around the shoulder of 6-years-old daughter Hanna, visited a gynaecology clinic in Central Building, in Central, Hong Kong.

The last time when Carol was pregnant with Hanna, her doctor’s clinic was in Central Building, thus the allegation that she is pregnant again. The back gate of the building was always locked, thus the accompanying bodyguards requested the security guards to open the gate to allow their vehicle to drive in, knowing about Mrs. Lau arrival, they immediately open the gate for the MPV to drive in.

Carol brought Hanna up the building and stayed for 45 minutes before being escorted by her bodyguards out of the back door, she was wearing a face mask and hands on her daughter’s shoulder. She was walking carefully and slowly due to the stairs.