Andy met up with “India’s Andy Lau” Aamir Khan in HK

According to Hong Kong media reports, Aamir Khan who was nicknamed “India’s Andy Lau” met up with Andy Lau on the stage for the first time when he was in Hong Kong to promote his Bollywood film – Secret Superstar with lead actress Zaira Wasim. The event attracted thousands of onlookers which jam packed the 6 storey shopping mall as each charismatic male has their own supporters. Upon meeting, they gave each other a hug, shake hands and took photographs together.

Andy expressed that he had heard about Aamir Khan being India’s Andy Lau, it was a rare sight that they appeared together. Andy revealed that Aamir entered showbiz as a child actor in 1973 which was earlier than him, thus he should nicknamed himself “Hong Kong’s Aamir Khan” would be more accurate, he revealed that he admired Aamir’s performance in PK. In return, Aamir replied: “I’m also honored to be called “India’s Andy Lau”, the first film of Andy that I watched was Infernal Affairs, he acted very well.” They made used of Cantonese and Tamil to greet each other which immediately the crowd roared with screams.

When asked if they have any resemblance, Andy quickly answered: “Yes, both of us are handsome! Our eyes looked the same, we have friendly eyes.” Both are busy with work as Aamir is busy shooting a pirate film whereas Andy is preparing for his year end concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, they hope that there will be a script that would allow them to collaborate in a film. Aamir sang praise that there are many outstanding actors and singers and welcome chances to collaborate.

When suggested that they sang a duet, Aamir whom was in a musical film before exclaimed that he does not have a good voice, he recommend himself to be the dancer at Andy’s concert and invited him to India. Andy also expressed that he’s willing to go stage his concert in India, it would be best that they do together. When asked if this film encourages youth to chase their dream, Aamir exclaimed that everybody has their own dream and rights to chase it, the process need to understand that it will be a tough start. Andy also agrees on insisting own’s dreams because you will be delighted when you succeed.

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