Andy back from Malaysia with strong 12-person entourage

According to media reports in Hong Kong, recently Andy Lau together with his wife Carol Chu and daughter Hanna took a late flight back to Hong Kong after spending two weeks in Malaysia. In the past, they went separate ways to avoid being spotted, but this time round they set off and alight from the plane as a family.

For security purposes, Andy had arranged four bodyguards to wait for him at the airport, there were also three nannies, two bodyguards and one female assistant whom went with them for the trip. After alighted from the plane, Andy who was dressed in all black, wore a cap and used a mask to cover his face. Similarly Carol also wore a mask and dressed causally, walking behind Andy. 5-years old Hanna had start to grow her hair long as she was carried by her nanny, her huge eyes and high nose resemble her mother, camera even caught her flinging her hair.

The group swiftly made their way out of the custom, Hanna immediately walked and held onto her father’s hand, she was so excited as she was jumping around. For this Malaysia trip, they made use of four trolley to carry their 17 luggage.