Andy’s 5-years-old daughter went shopping with relatives

Andy Lau had always kept the lives of his wife and daughter private as he does not allow his daughter to appear in public. Earlier during his 56th birthday party with his fans, the whole family of 3 attended the party, lately his 5-years-old daughter Hanna was photographed shopping with family members and bodyguard, her cute outlook melts the hearts of fans.

According to reports by Next Magazine, in a blink of an eye Hanna had turned 5-years-old, she seems to be independent and does not need the companion of his parents as she could go out with other people. Earlier, Hanna along with two family members and a bodyguard were spotted in Central, Hong Kong. She seems to grow taller, her big round eyes and sweet smile made her looked like a natural artiste.

Although said that Andy is extremely protective of his daughter as he does not wish to expose her but due to her growing up, he also hoped that she could have a normal childhood thus he relaxed on his restriction as he allowed his family members to bring her out shopping. Hanna seems to be obedient as she did threw temper to ask to go home, upon arriving to retail store LANVIN, she became active as she pointed at the clothes, when the bodyguard took a white child wear, she was satisfied and knock her head in agreement, she also gave opinions to her uncle and auntie, she looked like a grown up. When she reached the perfume section, she took 2 pieces of perfume sample paper and smell, she even brush the paper onto her hand before smelling her hand and gave out a mischievous look. The group shopped for 30 minutes before boarding their car at Four Seasons to head home.

Earlier she was also spotted at the airport accompanying her mother Carol Chu back to Malaysia. At the crowded airport, after finishing her food she requested her mother to help her wipe her hand, then followed by taking out a moisturizer to wipe her hand, she knew to take care of herself at a young age.