Chasing the Dragon Hong Kong premiere

The Hong Kong premiere of Chasing the Dragon was held at Festival Walk mall on 25 September, the organizer specially prepared a birthday cake as to celebrate Andy Lau’s 56th birthday which is on 27 September, which touched and surprised him! After the birthday song, Andy made his birthday wish which was high box office takings for the film and hope film director Wong Jing continue to approach him for his new films!

Film directors Wong Jing and Jason Kwan, cast Donnie Yen, Andy Lau, Kent Cheng, Wilfred Lau, Kent Tong, Felix Wong, Ben Ng, Philip Ng, Raquel Xu, Niki Chow, Kenneth Tsang, Lawrence Chou and Jonathan Lee. In addition, first generation Crippled Ho Ray Lui, Raymond Wong Pak-ming and son Edmond Wong, Wilson Yip, Tyson Chak, Joman Chiang, Carmen Tong, Christy Chan, Virginia Lok, Vincent Wong, Samantha Ko and Vivien Yeo also attended the premiere to show their support.

With such a large cast which oozed confidence and stood a chance in the box office taking war, when asked of the anticipation of the box office taking, “lousy films king” Wong Jing expressed that he had confidence in the film as he had support from Andy who claimed that this film was taken seriously by Wong Jing, if the audience did not see his efforts, he would not be serious when making any new films!

The film Chasing the Dragon was set in the 60s Hong Kong where two unknowns Crippled Ho (Donnie Yen) and Lee Rock (Andy Lau) becoming a drug lord with $100,000 fortune and police inspector with $30,000 fortune respectively and ruled Hong Kong together. During the 80s and 90s, Hong Kong had classic films To Be Number One and Lee Rock I & II, now Wong Jing put these 2 classic characters into the same film making them “onto the same stage”, which also marked the first collaboration of two Hong Kong superstars after in showbiz for 35 years, in addition both are also the executive producers of the film which made this film more anticipating.

After the premiere, the Malaysian media got to interview Wong Jing, Andy and Donnie. Wong Jing revealed that he took 4 years to prepare Chasing the Dragon, he described that he used the speed of shooting 3 films to complete shooting for this film, which is the longest he took for many years. In addition, Wong Jing also spend many money to rebuilt the streets of Hong Kong in the 60s and 70s, which includes Kowloon Walled City, Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park, old airport and other historic landmarks, in which Andy exclaimed: “Only films have the magic to allow me to return to the world of the past.”

26 years ago, Andy who was in his early 30s acted in Lee Rock films, after 26 years, Andy took up the mantle of Lee Rock as Wong Jing sang praise of Andy’s acting upped another level, he said: “Andy who was 30 years old managed to handle a 50 years old Lee Rock, now he taking up Lee Rock is just nice and successfully bring out another Lee Rock, brought it to a new height, nobody can replace him.” Andy quipped that he felt pressurized when he was Aaron Kwok’s father in Lee Rock II, taking up the Lee Rock role again, he felt more relaxed and could handled better.

Talking about their first collaboration, Andy quipped: “In the past I only think he can fight, now I discover that he can act very well too!” Donnie expressed that he always wanted to collaborate with talented and idealistic artistes, both himself and Andy were very persistence to films, this collaboration created many sparks and they learn a lot from each other.

In earlier promotion of this film, Andy claimed that Donnie could win the Best Actor award with this film, so who does Wong Jing support? He quipped: “Both actors are polite to each other, I personally hoped that both of them could win the award together as dual Best Actors”

In an earlier interview, Wong Jing exclaimed that both actors had motives when they had dual roles in the film as executive producers. When asked whether there was a condition to become executive producers? Andy quipped: “Even we are not executive producers, we also have the power of executive producer!” Donnie expressed that they have to respect each other during collaboration, “This is the culture of Hong Kong films as they put their personal experience and knowledge into the film. When everyone had their own idea for the film, we will bring it onto the table to understand better, there was a scene where Andy changed the scene slightly, I think that the change matches the original of Wong Jing so we used it.” Andy stated that everybody is clear that any opinion is to make the film better, he says: “Everybody know that, nobody will have any suspicious, most importantly look at the mentality.”