Chasing the Dragon press conference in Guangzhou, Andy said Donnie will win Best Actor

Triads action film Chasing the Dragon which will opens in cinemas on 30 September held its press conference in Guangzhou on 18 September. Film directors Wong Jing and Jason Kwan brought along the cast Andy Lau, Donnie Yen, Wilfred Lau, Kang Yu, Niki Chow, Kent Tong and Philip Keung to attend the event. At the press conference, Andy and Donnie sang praise of each other as Andy said that he “personally think that Donnie stand a chance of winning the Best Actor award”.

The film Chasing the Dragon was Andy and Donnie’s first collaboration after more than 30 years in showbiz, this press conference was their first gathering after the film completed shooting. Both of them revealed that they paid attention to each other in the past 30 years as they waited for a chance to collaborate, Chasing the Dragon is the best timing. When asked why they collaborate so late, Donnie quipped: “Andy is too busy.” Andy then cracked a joke using Wong Jing: “He waited for so long to raise enough money to make this collaboration possible.”

Donnie sighed that Andy has always been so handsome: “For 35 years, I always feel that Rock Lee is handsome, but when I saw him on set and discovered that he’s really that handsome.” Andy revealed that when he entered the TV circle 35 years ago and started took notice of Donnie, “That time I have already started looked at him, his action has added some rhythm into it, thus looked different, there is a relationship between action and music, I never expected it can be done this way.” Donnie then received a challenge from Andy: “I hope when my body fully recovered and could fight, really hope to have a good fight with Donnie.” Donnie sang praise that Andy could fight: “He had filmed so many action films, he’s good at fighting, kicking in mid air would not be a problem for him.”

Two heavenly kings collaborate for the first time, sparks flies, no matter it’s Andy Lau or Donnie Yen, Crippled Ho or Lee Rock, there is a hero connection. Donnie enjoyed acting opposite Andy, other than enjoyment, Donnie is “always learning how to act from Andy”. Andy quipped: “No wonder whenever I went home I would feel that something is missing from me. I personally feel that Donnie stand a chance of winning the Best Actor award, I said this many times in my company, in the process I believed everybody would see Donnie’s hard work and changes, he’s worth being nominated and winning the award.” A touched Donnie replied: “I’m perturbed to hear what you had said, felt happy but scared that I would feel difficult, but since you said so, I feel that I had won.”

Both of them were excited of this collaboration. Donnie quoted that his impression of Andy was his handsomeness and professionalism. During the process of this collaboration, they communicate with each other and Andy would changed the script personally. “In some of the scenes where there was changes, he would tell me, after seeing I feel he made great changes. I have no doubt with him, he’s very experienced.”

After 26 years and playing Lee Rock again, Andy felt nervous: “After so many years and need to act back a character that I took on when I’m younger, but after reading the story and saw the image of Donnie Yen’s character, I decided to take it up again.” Wong Jing had full confidence in Andy, he said: “I have collaborated with him for so many times, the chemistry is there.”

Twenty six years ago, Wong Jing was involved in the film Lee Rock, he had some regret, “In such a generation with two superb individuals, how could them not cross onto each other? Thus wanted to put this two individuals into the same film, thought for many years, then I finally complete it last year, actually I had prepared for this film for almost 4 years.” Chasing the Dragons managed to engage Hong Kong’s top cameramen to create beautiful and realistic images, also spent lots of money to re-create Kowloon Walled City, Wong Jing expressed: “I feel that it could be possible be the largest and most expensive set for Hong Kong films in the past 10 years.”

Donnie once exclaimed that he almost “bleed it out with Wong Jing” during the shooting of the film, because every day he need to read the script till late night, believed that the audience would change their opinion on him after watching this film. Andy who had collaborated with Wong Jing for many years felt that Wong Jing was unfair as this was his first time seeing Wong Jing being so patience: “HE always told me in that past that he’s very patience, but in my films I never saw him put in so much effort!” But Wong Jing’s changes had excited him, “Film is an artistic product, to make it better you have to spend more time. Wong Jing this time made a good change, can you remained this way, deal?”

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