After 26 years Andy is still handsome playing “him”

Hong Kong 90’s film Lee Rock was one of heavenly king Andy Lau recognized film. After 26 years, Andy invested, produced and cast himself in Chasing Dragon as he played 60s corrupted chief detective Lee Rock as he shared the screen with Donnie Yen’s Crippled Ho.

The story of Chasing Dragon surrounds Crippled Ho and Lee Rock, they are classic characters in Hong Kong films. In 1991, To Be Number One starring Ray Lui won 11 awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards and started the craze of biography films in Hong Kong. In the same year, Lee Rock starring Andy started many talking points and it did well in the box office. Chasing Dragon could be the first time that both icons meet in the same film.

Andy reprising his role as Lee Rock showed that he’s more experience and shrewd, whereas it was Donnie portraying another real person after Ip Man, other than Crippled Ho’s image and mentality, he also control well of the action scenes in the film as he had realistic contact body contact combat which surprised the action actors that collaborate with him. Chasing Dragon is scheduled to be screened in the cinema from 29 September.