Andy dubbing for Adventurers to smash lost weight rumour

Hong Kong magazine reported that heavenly king Andy Lau lost a lot of weight out of a sudden, voice hoarse thus he flew to Nepal to pray at Swayambhunath temple.


According to the report, Andy who scheduled to hold his solo concert at the end of the year, looked well in the promotional video on his new film’s premiere Shock Wave, but recently he lost a lot of weight, has a hoarse voice thus he secretly flew to Nepal’s capital Kathmandu with his wife to pray at the ancient Swayambhunath temple, it was pointed out that it might be related to health as he wished for a speedy recovery. According to the report, there are many monkeys at the temple thus nicknamed “monkey temple”, many Hong Kong artistes including Andy had prayed there before. It stated that before Andy got injured, he did went to pray at the temple with his wife, they had to climbed 300 steps up to the temple at the top of the mountain. As Andy had not fully recovered thus this time he took a car up to the temple.

This got fans worried because as his latest film Adventurers which will be showing in cinemas soon but Andy who is the male lead and producer did not make any appearance to promote the film.


No worries as Andy made a new post on his official website as he wrote: “Currently dubbing for Adventurers… thought of everybody! How are you? I can rest my concern when all of you are fine! See you in dreams.”

Andy looked spirited in the posted photograph, the words he wrote also got everybody excited. Many fans replied to his post by commenting: “Andy is well! We can rest our concern! Let’s dream of Andy!”


Adventurers which was directed by Stephen Fung and starring starring Andy Lau, Shu Qi, Zhang Jingchu, Eric Tseng, Tony Yang and Jean Reno would hit the cinemas on 11 August. Recently the film company released new posters and trailer.

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