Andy made first “appearance” after injury in Shock Wave premiere

The Hong Kong premiere of Shock Wave was held on 19 April, present were film director Herman Yau, the main cast Philip Keung, Ron Ng, Babyjohn Choi and there was a special guest who was producer and male lead Andy Lau making an appearance in a video to show his support for the film, this is his first appearance after his injury. As he was still recuperating, he showed his support for Shock Wave in a video which gave the audience and media present a surprise, several fans were excited as they shouted out Andy’s name.


In the video, Andy appeared spirited, it can be seen his satisfying recovery. Through the video, Andy counted down with film director Herman Yau and his brothers in the film which includes Philip Keung, Ron Ng, Babyjohn Choi, Felix Wong, Shek Sau, Liu Kai-chi, Louis Cheung and Felix Lok in the bomb line cutting ceremony to kick start the premiere.


Andy who was wearing a white T-shirt and dark colored coat said: “First of all I wanted to thanks those who were present, guests, media and friends. Think for a long time, just like what was said in the film, promoting is not what you do when you think you could do, heaven must allow it, this time the heaven wanted me to take a rest for a period of time, hope after this I can be spirited and meet all of you, but there was one sentence said in the film: Life protect life. Follow up a group of friends will help take up my responsibility to promote the film, there are many people, like Felix, Philip, Ron, Babyjohn, Shek Sau, Louis Cheung and others, they will represent me to promote Shock Wave in different parts of the world. Here, I would like to thanks all crew members in front of camera and backstage, also wanted to tell film director, would run, jump and made an appearance with laughter! In the end, hope everybody would love and support Shock Wave!”


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