Andy in good shape, could stand and walk

On 18 April, Andy Lau made a new post on his personal website to give all fans a good news which left everyone excited as he uploaded a photograph of him standing up, the post was titled “Moving forward”.

Andy who is always concern about the promotion of his latest film Shock Wave, with the film premiere in Hong Kong on 19 April, he could not attend as he is still recuperating, to show his support, he specially posted a photograph of him standing up, he wrote in the post: “The front is you, the back is you! Just do it!! Not allowed to change line!!” The photograph and text informed everybody that he is doing fine!


From the photograph, it can be seem that Andy had lost quite a lot of weight, but he looked spirited and need not sit on a wheelchair as he could use a walking stick to stand up and walk. The post also has a photograph of him at the shooting site of Shock Wave to show off his support for his own film.


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