Andy shows selfie and updates during his recuperation

Everybody have shown concern of Andy Lau since he got injured when he fell off a horse, but he need a long time to recuperate, he had since discharged from hospital on 10 March and had took selfie to send everybody regards.


On 2 April, Andy posted on his AWC website updating his latest status, he showed a selfie of him under the sun. From the photo, it can be seen that Andy can go outdoors to enjoy the sun.

In his post, he wrote to thanks the crew of the musical – Unforgettable Era which he had invested: “Prefect! Many thanks to old friends, thank you! Kenny Wong Tak-bun, Shirley Yuen, both of you allowed a group of prefect friends to be more prefect! Brothers and sisters on stage and backstage: All of you did well, touched the hearts of all audience, it’s tough on you, I feel proud of all your contribution. Every person, you and me should have a dream, although the road might be tough, but the sun has never left us, hope also has never left us. The sun is working hard to shine through the clouds, allowing our hopes to be sunny, the sun and hope is always around. All of you holding on, I’m accompanying, you are the sunshine behind me, you are the hope in my heart, we will move forward towards our dream. Thank you. I love all of you!!”

Meanwhile, 65 years old experienced action actor Phillip Ko-Fei has passed away few days ago due to prostate cancer. Andy who was recuperating at home expressed his sadness on the departed senior. Andy said: “Another familiar actor has left us, feeling uncomfortable and pity. Had knew Phillip for many years, knew him from the days of the celebrity soccer team, had collaborated with him in films since leaving the TV station, he’s a great senior, taught us a lot of things. Hope Phillip rest in peace, my deepest condolences his family. We will always remember him.”