Andy’s 2017 year end concert cancelled

The management company of Andy Lau who fell off a horse and got injured while shooting a commercial in Thailand made an announcement on 27 March 2017: “Plans of Andy Lau’s 2017 year end concert had been cancelled!”

In the announcement, the management company expressed: “Our company’s artist Mr. Andy Lau got injured during work on 17 January, current recuperating, following suggestions from his doctor in order for Mr. Andy Lau to have a complete and more stable recovery process, the coming year is a very important stage, thus the company decided to cancel plans on his 2017 year end concerts in Hong Kong. With regards to plans of his future work, arrangements will be made depending on his recovery progress and doctor’s instruction.”


Meanwhile, Andy also update fans on his recovery status on his Andy World Club website, he wrote: “Every day could stand up 10 times without any support for 10 minutes, with support could walk for 10 times for 10 minutes each session. Every day standing up, walking, 10 times each time for 10 minutes, felt very heavy, meaning very important. No hurry, I’m not hurrying, family members don’t rush me, everybody don’t rush me, I’m determined towards the target of being healthy.”