KUMAMON danced with Andox and Box

Earlier, the mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture – KUMAMON came to Hong Kong and made an appearance at the office of Andy World Club to meet up with Andy Lau’s self designed figures Andox and Box, they used dancing for friends bonding. As host, Andy and Box meet KUMAMON at the lobby and they were delighted to meet each other, KUMAMON got along well with Box whom was also black in color as it gave Box a “bear” hug.



Actually KUMAMON had start practiced his dancing secretly in it’s homeland as he showed off his dancing skills, however Andox and Box whom always accompanied Andy in numerous performances were not to be looked down as they got along well instantly with each other. While the three mascots were dancing happily, the “mother” of Andy and Box made a surprise appearance and made a delightful KUMAMON “flew off the ground”. Under the guidance of Andy, KUMAMON dance ‘Du Zhi Qu Tou Huan’ with Andy, Andox and Box! In return, KUMAMON taught Andy how to dance KUMAMON SURPRISE, they were delighted dancing with one another.



During the day of shoot, the “internet-popular” KUMAMON was popular with the crew members as they requested to take photographs with it, when it saw Andy, it transformed into a fan as it requested autograph and take photograph with Andy, it also gave local farming specialty of Kumamoto Prefecture to Andy, in return it was given an autographed calandar by Andy. A delighted KUMAMON did a 180 degrees bow in which everybody present burst into laughter.



With regards to his kids making new friend, Andy expressed: “I hope that Andox and Box could drop by Kumamoto to look for KUMAMON!”

news and photos from: news.china.com.cn