3 generations gathered to promote My Beloved Bodyguard

My Beloved Bodyguard will be screened in cinemas nationwide on 1 April, yesterday the film’s director Sammo Hung brought along male lead Andy Lau and Jacqueline Chan to Guangzhou to promote the film. At the event, the final version poster of the film was revealed and the music video of Forgive Me which Andy composed and sang for the film was also broadcast, Jacqueline was so touched while watching that she teared. Being Sammo’s first time as a film director, Andy sang praise that he’s the “most outstanding among all film directors”. Sammo is planning of shooting a prequel about Andy’s character in this film as he has confident in the box office collection.


Andy took up four roles in My Beloved Bodyguard as he’s the male lead, producer, boss and theme song singer. Initially Sammo only approached him to cameo in the film, he quipped that he felt “neglected”, “initially asked to be the producer, help in means of investing, then asked me to cameo, one day and two days step by step I acted so much.” But Andy is not satisfied that Sammo arranged too little fighting scenes for him, because he didn’t have enough. With regards to Sammo’s first attempt as a film director, Andy applause and sang praise: “He’s ranked number 1 among all outstanding film directors, he’s strict and very friendly director, I’m still learning too, wanted to catch up with you first.”


Sammo also sang praise of Andy, he said that Andy was happy with the script but having less screen time, he was unhappy and slowly rich up the character, Sammo also revealed that he hope to have the chance to shoot a prequel about Andy’s character in the film.


Andy exclaimed the reason that the character in this film moved him because it’s related with his own life experience: “I encounter many parents whom scold their children, some has something wrong with their personality some really do not know how to teach their childre. Take my father as example, he’s a driving instructor, when I board the car and he would scold me before I start driving, he really do not know how to get along with his children.” Andy said that although he’s a father himself, he wished that the audience does not relates to much, he said: “Many people will think about many things, feel that I’m married and become a father, what difference would be my performance? I wish that the audience will forget about my true identity when watching the film.”


The little girl in the film Jacqueline Chan is the number one girl, because she already knew Andy when collaborating Firestorm with him, thus even though Andy is playing a bad father, she’s also not afraid, she also revealed that privately Andy made desserts for her, until one day he discovered that she had put on weight thus cut down on giving her desserts to eat. When asked if she knew that Andy was “teenage girl killer” in the past, Jacqueline opened her eyes wide and expressed that she did not know, Andy then quipped: “Really? Even I didnt know about it.”


Andy also took the chance to revealed his thoughts on writing the theme song Forgive Me, he said that the film touched him the most is what elderly wanted to say to his daughter, the elderly has a gulit, “Actually I have an important attitude, sometimes when I didn’t find a chance to apologise to a person directly, for those people that I offended, please forgive me, let go of yourself and me.” When watching the music video, Jacqueline was moved into tears, Andy took the chance and quipped: “Forgive me that my singing made you cried.”

news and photos from: ent.QQ.com, ent.sina.com, yule.sohu.com