Andy and Chris Lee on magazine cover

Andy Lau and Chris Lee Yuchun had a photo shoot for BAZAAR magazine. In the photographs, both of them were like old pals as they were smiling while walking in the streets, showing off some retro feel, there were also modern photographs where they sat next to each other eating steamboat. Two of them are generation representatiing idols, appearing together on a magazine cover for the first time. They got together because of their collaboration in From Vegas to Macau III, Chris as the cousin of God of Gambler whereas Andy is the disciple of God of Gambler, Andy addressed her as “gu gu” (aunt) in the film.



Earlier they created quite a stir among netizens when they collaborate and duet in From Vegas to Macau III theme song ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai 2016’. During the interview, Chris shared the funny moments during the shooting of the film: “According to the film director instructions, I have to keep patting on Andy’s head.” This arrangement made Chris cried out: “Such a huge pressure!”



However, this collaboration allowed Andy and Chris to build a good chemistry between them. In these released photographs, it also showed off their magical chemistry as netizens sang praise: “One mischievous, another elegant, they’re a perfect match!”