Andy exclaimed he knew nothing about design, acting is more stable

Andy Lau whom seldom attend fashion store activities was present at D-Mop flagship store opening on 23 October 2015. Andy who knew nothing about design felt that a successful clothes would also be criticized by others, as people already had the experience, he feel there’s no need to face “refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality”, thus he felt that it’s more stable to be an actor.


Andy expressed that he attended the event without any fees as the boss is his good friend, he did invest when the brand started, but now he no longer had any shares, and he was delighted that the brand is already a listed company.

Andy quipped that he would be the brand’s forever VIP, whenever he staged a concert, the brand would always sponsor clothes for him and his dancers. When asked if he ever thought of designing his own fashion brand, he exclaimed that he knew nothing about design, when suggested that the fashion would be selling like hot cakes with just need to have his face printed on it, he quipped: “No, who would buy it?” Then comically he pat his hands on his buttocks to hint to print his face on buttocks. Andy exclaimed that several years ago he did a crossover with jeans for Andox and Box, discovered that every button and every line need to be followed, thus he felt that being an actor is more stable. With regards to whether he would design fashion for kids, he said: “I don’t know, a successful clothes would also be criticized by people, since other people already have the experience, I don’t want to refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality.”


In addition, his number one fan Christine Au Yang sang a new song titled ‘Ai Yi Shi’ (Love for Life) for him, Andy sang praise of her singing but does not plan to sing a duet with her. When asked if he also loved his fans for life, Andy said: “I have a song titled ‘Zhen Xin Hua’ (Words from My Heart), everyone can go listen to it.”

Recently Andy is busy with the dubbing for From Vegas to Macau III and would start work only in December as his daughter need to go to school and can’t go overseas for holiday together. When asked if his daughter is used of going to school, did he accompany his daughter to do homework, Andy gave a normal answer: “OK la, we go through just like any normal family.”

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