Saving Mr. Wu released Andy’s posters

Film – Saving Mr. Wu finally released it’s finale character poster – hostage “Andy Lau”. In the released video, Ding Sheng made used of black humor style and remained layers of suspicion, this time round Andy Lau made used of his “heavenly king” status to act a “superstar” who was kidnapped, Chinese crime thriller box office champion Ding Sheng of Police Story 2013 fame, and Chinese crime thriller box office second place Andy’s Firestorm collaborated for the first time.


In these revealed hostage interrogation posters, it differs from the previous released posters with red backgrounds as these dull black tone was full of hopeless atmosphere. On the poster, Andy’s Mr. Wu was being locked and looked to be in despair, he opened his arms as if he’s trying to unlocked himself from the numerous chains.


Saving Mr. Wu is the first Mainland China crime thriller that he took up the challenge, bidding goodbye to the previous police or criminal model, making a surprise appearance as a victim “hostage” and tortured by criminal Wang Qianyuan. From understanding, due to the special identity of Mr. Wu, during shooting of the film, around 80% of the time Andy’s hands received “special treatment” as they were hand-cuffed, chained or hands and legs bonded as he could only used his speeches and expression to represent out the human’s inner complication. with regards to this, film director Ding Sheng expressed: “Andy Lau presented it very well, exceeded my expectation, I’m very satisfied with him.”


When acting out Mr. Wu, Andy wanted to bring his acting to the extreme, he took the initiative to request the actor acting opposite him to use the wire to choke him till he felt close to out of breath for a performance of him catching for his breath, which reached the extreme dramatic effect, the film director Ding Sheng who was watching on his monitor took his hat off to Andy’s professionalism and was moved to tears. One point to point out was that during shooting, as the opposing actor used too much strength, it lead to blood rushing into Andy’s eyes and his blood vessel bloated, even the bodyguard of Andy who was watching on the monitor requested film director Ding Sheng to shout cut.


Saving Mr. Wu was adapted from the shocking kidnapping of actor Wu Ruofu in 2004, according to film director Ding Sheng, Andy was invited and cast as Mr. Wu is most importantly first Saving Mr. Wu is a film about the “first kidnapping of an actor”, thus the actor must be a first line superstar, secondly due to the special theme of the film, it required an experienced actor, from my understanding of Andy, I feel that he has such capabilities. Even though Andy was acting Wu Ruofu but the film director Ding Sheng feel that the needs to put a second person into one, based on the basics and allowing Andy to expressed his acting on his understanding of Mr. Wu. “In the film, many details would make the audience feel that Andy is the real person being kidnapped here, but it can be said that both the hostage is Wu Ruofu and Andy.”


Andy also exclaimed: “This is a very special experience.” The film Saving Mr. Wu is directed by Ding Sheng, starring Liu Ye, Wu Roufu, Wang Qianyuan and would hit the cinemas on 30 September 2015 during the National Day holiday.


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