The Great Wall press conference

On 2 June 2015, Zhang Yimou’s new film The Great Wall held its wrapped up shooting press conference, those who attended the event which was held at Park Hyatt Beijing included Oscar’s Best Actor Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Jing Tian, Andy Lau, Zhang Hanyu, Lu Han, Lin Gengxin and Wang JunKai. Among the film’s mega cast, it includes two of the new generation idols Lu Han and Wang JunKai of TFBOYS, thus the organizers had to tighten up their security. Due to the mega cast, before the press conference begins, the entry pass had reached to a price of $30,000 in the black market, despite not seeing one as they were strict to ask fans of Lu Han and Wang JunKai standing on each side, furthermore reporters going into the venue must present their venue’s reporting pass, name card and identity card. Despite all these, the staffs still managed to find out many fake passes.


The funny part of the press conference was that the heavyweight being film director Zhang Yimou, Matt Damon and heavenly king Andy Lau, but their limelight had been snatched away, because Chinese actress Jing Tian who alleged to bring investments in, her name or standing position were all ahead of Andy. As the compere put his attention on Jing Tian, Andy who was put onto the side was ignored as he had no choice to chit chat with Matt Damon to kill time.


When asked of he mind that newcomers Lu Han and Wang JunKai snatching away the limelight, Andy mischievously point his finger at Matt Damon and said: “In his eyes, I’m the same as Lu Han, he initially thought I’m whose body double.”


When talked about the shooting experience, Andy said that it was an unforgettable experience, “Initially when I accept the offer of this film, I knew that all the dialogue will be in English, thus everyday I would spend some time to figure out how to express in English and not losing the way Chinese act, thus I’m practicing my English every day.”


Matt Damon who had starred in Good Will Hunting and Saving Private Ryan, exclaimed that he had never visited the Great Wall of China, he never expected that his first collaboration with a Chinese film director, the film is titled Great Wall.


Another coincidence is that he starred in The Departed which is the American version of Infernal Affairs which he was cast in the role of Andy, and they got to collaborate in this film. Matt expressed that it’s hard to co-operate with Andy. Andy replied: “Of course as it’s the collide of two superstars, I’m representing China thus has to be the role model.” Matt then complained: “I’m dead in the film (The Departed) and he still managed to star in a sequel, Andy Lau is a good businessman.” Andy added that one will find out after watching The Great Wall, “He has better commercialize brain than me.” Then both of them burst into laughter.


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