Andy looking for 90s to paint Andox and Box

According to Hong Kong media reports, years ago Andy Lau specially designed Andox and Box to accompany his mother on Mother’s Day while he was busy at work, these two also attended music awards ceremonies on behalf of Andy and performed in concerts together, they were highly popular. Recently Andy was thinking of finding a new designer born in the 90s as he hoped that through this activity, it would allowed youngsters to make use of Andox and Box original figure and showed off their creativity by painting them.


The activity which starts from 20 April to 30 May 2015, limited to Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao residents, interested parties can download the drawing of Andox and Box or pay $9.90 for the Andox and Box figures (only 1000) before mailing the design in photograph and personal details to a directed mailbox. It will pick out one “Best Design Award” and Andy will present the trophy to the winner, the prizes includes a 2-days-1-night Hong Kong tour, a visit to Andox and Box production, designing funds and will be invited to be the flagship shop’s designer. In addition, there will be 10 consolation prizes winning Andox and Box products.

Meanwhile, artistes Kay Tse, Edmond Leung, Pakho Chau, Luisa Maria Leitão, Christine Au Yang, Anna,Yau Hoi Man, Sammy Leung, Josephine Ng, I Love You Boyz, Jan Lamb and Eric Kot had prepared to paint Andy’s “sons” and hope that they would spurned the youngsters to start their creativity. The artistes’ creations will be published on Andox and Box weibo. With regards to these showbiz friends showing support to this activity, Andy expressed his appreciation and he hoped that different business could provide a platform for these youngsters to show off their creativity, it’s not giving them a chance but also adding energy and joy to life.

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