Andy talks about Lost and Love in Chengdu: Finding lost child most important

Lost and Love, the film about abducted children will be screened soon, film director Peng Sanyuan, producer Wang Zhonglei and male lead Andy Lau came to Chengdu to promote the film. Although the media focused on the image of Andy Lau and his accent, but Andy really hope that the audience can pay more attention on the fate of abducted children through this film. Andy said: “Seldom have this kind of film, if such film can do well in box office taking, investors might continue to invest in such heart-warming theme, then our society would have more positive strength.”


With regards to the film would be compared with Peter Chan’s Dearest which was screened at the end of 2014 and shared the same theme on abducted children, Peng Sanyuan feel that it doesn’t matter, “Both are good films, it would be great if 100 directors shoot such films, the attention would be greater. Believed when the third director to shoot a similar theme film, it would be more help on protection of children.” Meanwhile, she also hope that the film would help the real person to find his son.

Andy feel that abduction and him had some distance, however after acting in this film, he feel that he such continue to take note of this group, and cherish more on family members and time spent with children. Andy expressed that as an artist hope to do something on abduction. “In the past I once sang a song titled ‘Ru Guo Kan Jian Ta Qing Gao Su Wo’, because of this song it saved an abducted child. This incident let me know that what an artist did will have some influence, hope that this film will grab people more attention on this society problem on abduction.” Andy expressed, box office taking is important, film is important, but “finding the children is most important!” If the film does well in the box office, more investors would pay attention to this area, the society would have more positive films and bring more positive influence.


Reporter: Accepting such film requires a lot of bravery and did you consider for a long time?

Andy: When we saw this script, my company staff asked me to accept it. But I feel that firstly I must have full trust in the director, because I see that for this type of role and theme, an artiste has more responsibility for the society.


Reporter: For the breakthrough of this character, does you feel successful?

Andy: In the past, I’m not so clear of my image, but after As Tears Goes By and A Moment of Romance, everybody used “handsome” as a standard for the characters given to me. In Lost and Love, I have great changes in my image, I’m satisfied with myself, but the audience needed time to change their impression of me.

Reporter: In the process of shooting, which area shocked you the most? The tough shooting or change in image?

Andy: Actually it’s the change in image, going around for shooting is my job, no matter how tough or tired won’t gave me a shock. Rather when I first agree to act in this film, that kind shocked me more. Because I’m really very happy, actually I not sure if there’s another director would ask me to act as a farmer.

Reporter: You shot several scenes in Chengdu, what impression you have of this place?

Andy: As every day’s shooting is on the road, I actually does not know which province I’m riding my motorcycle on, to me every city are about the same. I do know I’ve quite a number of scenes in Chengdu, but there’s limitation in the film’s arrangement, thus it does not show off much. But I will show the videos to more people to see.


While location shooting in Chengdu, the production team prepared all sort of “anti-following” precautions, there were times that the production team does not dare to continue shooting. Considerate fans did not chase Andy around as the heavenly king had changed his image completely to look like a real farmer. He said: “Actually we have security in the film, we arranged that, however there was one woman who stood beside me and ask me if I have lost my child? She even chat with me, she really does not know who am I, we did not arrange that.” There was another scene where Andy was riding on the motorcycle and waiting at the red light, suddenly there was screams of “Andy Lau” and when he tried to escape, onlookers approached him for autographs. “It required me to reach the cameras within 3 minutes, but there was no sight of me, the director then shouted for me at the walkie talkie asking where was I, I replied that I was “caught”!” Talking about these funny moments while location shooting in Chengdu, Andy laughed delightedly.


For the shooting of the whole film, Andy used his own voice and people was worried of his Cantonese accent. When asked about this question, the heavenly kind expressed like a young student, eh replied: “I’ll practice more, because many people hope that I could use my own voice, so I would work harder.” Director Peng Sanyuan came to his rescue to explain that a dubbing artist would not feel the actor’s emotion so insist on Andy using his own voice. The mischievous Wang Zhonglei didn’t forget to played joke on the reporter: “If he used a dubbing artist, you’ll be asking why he don’t use his own voice?” Andy then laughed and expressed his apology and he would work harder as he said: “A little improvement a day is a reward.”


Being a father himself, Andy exclaimed that he has affinity with Lost and Love, he exclaimed he would not act in this film if he wasn’t a father, he said thanks to the production team and director: “I’m not sure if anyone would be as crazy as them to cast me as a farmer.”

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