Lost and Love Shanghai premiere: Andy hopes to take up more father roles in films

On 17 March 2015, heartwarming film Lost and Love held its premiere in Shanghai, Huayi Brothers Media Group CEO Wang Zhonglei brought along male lead Andy Lau and film director Peng Sanyuan to the event. With regards to there was dispute in Andy playing the role of a farmer, Wang Zhonglei exclaimed that he was the first one to feel that it’s a problem, he revealed that he initially wanted to find an actor who looked like a farmer, for example Huang Bo but his schedule clashed with ours, this made the audience burst into laughter. In addition, Andy revealed that he dare not talk to his father nor ask him for a dollar in the past, but now his relationship with his father had improved.


In the film, Andy played a farmer – Lei Zhekuan who rode on a motorcycle to search for his son for 15 years, although depressed on the lost of his son, but Lei Zhekuan still carries hope and being thankful by using his own methods to give warmth to others.


During Lei Zhekuan’s 15 years search for his son, he had gone to half of China. Every city and villages he had been had been marked with a red dot, it resulted to a full of fatherly love “Search for son map”. Being fathers themselves, both Andy and Wang Zhonglei expressed that the insistence they saw on Lei Zhekuan touched them and feel proud for him. Andy said that Lei Zhekuan is a strong person, “I chat with everybody that 15 years, really nobody can maintain for such a long time. It’s very tough shooting this film, I hope that the real person watched this film, it would spurge the fire inside him, allowing him to continue his insistence, because on the other side of the world, his son is still waiting for him.”

Andy also talked about his own relationship with his father, “I have a great relationship with my father, in the past I feel that my father is like a mountain, don’t dare to talk to him, as I’m more than 50 years old now, I don’t dare to take a dollar from him. In the past I do not know, seldom hug my parents, now I will go hug them even there’s nothing, occasionally they will ask me ‘what’s up’. Actually for our age, upon seeing my parents, really don’t know how long can I hug them. Thus the role of a father to me, I still have a lot of ways to express it, in future I’ll take up more father roles.”


From understanding, in order to get close to the farmer father image, Andy dye his hair and moustache white and got his costume and shoes from the production members’ farmer relative. At the premiere, Peng Sanyuan also revealed that Andy wanted the film to be more realistic, he purposely made himself to look more alike to a farmer, she said: “With regards to the sorrow that Andy suffered, when watching the film please take note of his hands, other than makeup, everyday he’s carrying things to burn in order to make it more realistic.”


With regards to the ‘tough’, Andy quipped that shooting Detective Dee is more tough. Wang Zhonglei added: “In Detective Dee, Andy is in fire and water, his body suffered more torture when compared to this film. Although there are not much high and low in this film, but it’s tough for Andy, because we does not know what attitude Lei Zhekuan has, what attitude his wife has, I feel that it’s tough for the actors, other than Boran Jing being himself, because he’s tough on creativity.”


The largest dispute surrounding Love and Lost is picking Andy to act as the farmer. Wang Zhonglei revealed: “Talking about whether Andy looked like a farmer, I’m the first one to suspect. Peng Sanyuan feel that the script is not bad after reading it and wanted to approach Andy. I’m full of suspicion, because he’s not the person that I can think of when looking at the script, actually I wanted to find an actor that look like a farmer.” When asked which actor that he felt looked like a farmer, Wang Zhonglei quipped that he’s Huang Bo, “In the end he was being hired by another person.” Wang Zhonglei also expect that Andy would not accept this offer but the result was a surprise.

Andy said that after he heard about the topic and character, he took up the offer without hesitation, he expressed that the film “does not make people cry”, but behind the film is to hope that everybody take notice of the society issue on child abduction, “People cried when watching the film, but I feel that this crying is due to the person’s low tolerance to tears. The method that we used in this film is hope that people understand that this is a long standing and unable to resolve society problem. Because of this problem, we shoot this film.”


Some media suspect that this theme would not be too favor, but the film director Peng Sanyuan does not think so, “I favor the topic, I gave Huayi Brothers two scripts, we finally decided on this. Because we feel that so many children was lost, the society lacks attention to this, in addition to hearing many sorrow stories when we interviewed them, I think if we do not do this topic, I can’t get over myself. Actually shooting this film, taking the most risk is Huayi Brothers, this is like the charity film they did recently.”

news and photos from: ent.qq.com, ent.people.com.cn, ent.163.com