Andy is a crybaby: Would cry watching legality programs

Lost and Love starring Andy Lau and Boran Jing would be screened in cinemas nationwide from 20 March 2015, in the recent screenings and meet the fans sessions, the media and film critics expressed that the film is touching and would made one cry. When Andy, Boran and film director Peng Sanyuan were guests of Tencent premiere, they were asked on the topic of “crying scenes”.


Film director Peng Sanyuan expressed that although the film has many touching scenes, but she strictly requested the actors “not to cry!” It’s because she thinks that “those things inside the heart when compared to crying scene on the surface are more higher level.”


When the compere asked Andy if he feel like crying during the shooting, Andy then revealed that he easily cry when watching TV at home, “Whenever it’s Mid-Autumn sort of programs, there would be some acknowledge family members sort of programs, I would cry!”


The compere asked: “Would you cry when watching legality programs?”


Andy replied: “Correct! I would cry and wipe away my tears at the same time!” Other than crying while watching TV at home, he would frequent cry when watching programs on the plane, “The air stewardess would walked over and found me crying, they would thought I went crazy!” However this “cry baby” Andy does not feel that he’s an emotional person: “There will be moments that I’m rational! I’ve double character!”

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