Andy: Lost and Love don’t focus on box office taking

In the afternoon on 16 March 2015, heart warming film Lost and Love held its premiere in Beijing, director Peng Sanyuan and main cast Andy Lau, Boran Jing, Liu Yase, Ni Jingyang and several of the production team recalls this real life searching for son story and their experience of being tortured. Huayi Brothers Media Group CEO Wang Zhonglei presented two medals – “Heart warming heavenly king” and “Heart-tormenting prince” to Andy and Boran respectively.


After information leaks in several rounds of press conferences, coming to this premiere of Lost and Love, to the media it seems that some news are lacking. The compere tried to find out more of the story and ending, however he was stopped by Huayi Brothers Media Group CEO Wang Zhonglei, citing him to be too detailed. Thus the media had to try hard to find topics and questions like the film will be competing with Louis Koo’s Little Big Master which is also adapted from real life story as they would be screened at the same time, how do they counter this? Andy appeared to be a bit bored and answered: “Both films’ box office doing well will be the best, thus people will take note of society matters.” Andy added: “It’s a different film of different story, different genre, thus we are not competing with each other, we can’t talk about any PK, we used different angles to find and spread love.”

When asked what sort of box office taking he’s expecting, Andy admitted that accepting such film would feel “pressurize”, but admitted that considering “society responsibility” took him one week to accept the offer, he said: “Never think too much about the box office taking, it is the most important.”

When media asked Andy if Ni Jingyang resembles Jacklyn Wu Chien-lien and if it’s felt like seeing the latter? Andy maintained his heavenly king manners and answered: “Yes, yes,” and did not followed with further explanation.


After the trailer of Lost and Love being distributed in the Internet, despite many netizens shown recognition to his farmer’s look but many had been commenting that Andy is playing the character of a farmer from Anhui searching for his son, but when he spoke with a Cantonese favor which is out of place. The reporters passed this question to Andy and he expressed: “My putonghua (Mandarin) is not that good, please don’t force me to speak dialect, it’s won’t become negative if I don’t speak well, next time I will improve on my putonghua.”

Andy recalled two heart-tormenting scenes in the film as both of them were “life endangering”. There was a scene which left Andy’s face swollen as the director requested every slap to be loud, thus Andy’s face was swollen after shooting. In another scene on the highway, the motorcycle that Andy was riding collided with a truck, all were shot live, “Luckily I protected myself, if not I would be dead.”


Andy whom is protective of his family and children exclaimed that after shooting this film, he would used the experience on taking care of his family members. As his character in the film is a father who lost his son, Andy exclaimed that in real life he would not bring his child to a crowded place.

Sandra Ng and Tony Leung Kar Fai cameo in the film, Andy admitted that the scene that touches him the most is the policeman character played by Tony giving him $200, “He (Lei Zhekuan) journey of searching his son is not ordinary as he received help from many kind hearted person and volunteers, this is heart warming to us.”


The film is adapted from real life society incident, although it’s a sad story about searching for son, but the director Peng Sanyuan expressed that it hoped stable emotion and use warmth to console peoples’ heart. Being Lei Zhekuan who was searching for his son for 15 years in the film, he expressed that he hoped that love will forever be present to minimize sorrow to the minimum. In the film, both Andy and Boran were looking for their family members, this made Boran felt “warmth in the heart, the feel of finding father.” When asked of any benefits for collaborating with Andy, Boran joked: “Upgraded.”

Since the film being screened, there were many comments on the Internet, Andy’s image and acting were the hot topics, the compere asked him what sort of comments he’s looking forward to? Andy exclaimed: “Please don’t say that I looked like (Lei Zhekuan), this is not my requirement, I hope that they feel that the character is real.”


Some of the audience also commented that they don’t understand the ending of the film, some felt that the handling of the ending cannot be understood, with regards to this, Andy said: “I feel that the ending represent a person’s belief, if he go on searching, he will surely find what he’s searching.”

Huayi Brothers Media Group CEO Wang Zhonglei has some sighing, he said that with regards to Andy acting this farmer character, initially he does have some worries, but now he can relaxed and thanks Andy’s support for the new director. He expressed: “This is the first film of Peng Sanyuan after she joined Huayi Brothers Media Group, it’s her first film as director, a film is the greatest magic for a film director, I don’t think that Lost and Love is not commercialized, rather it being commercialize and heart warming, just like previous Huayi Brothers Media Group productions Kekexili: Mountain Patrol and Assembly. This year is the 18th anniversary of Huayi Brothers Media Group, modest speaking, Lost and Love is one of the best films from Huayi Brothers Media Group, one of the front runners.”

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