Andy: Don’t cry so much, feel the warmth is enough

On 15 March 2014, Phoenix Public Premiere was held in Beijing, this time round it was Lost and Love which was directed by Peng Sanyuan, starring Andy Lau and Boran Jing, the film has a touching story about searching for an abducted child. Director Peng Sanyuan, male leads Andy Lau and Boran Jing attended the premiere as they met up with the fans and share the funny incidents during shooting. Other famous film critics and scriptwriters also attended the event.


The film might not be the first Chinese film using the theme of abducted children, but director Peng Sanyuan used another angle and allows Lei Zhekuan (Andy) and Zheng Shuai (Boran) to forge a father-son relationship. In 1998, Lie Zhekuan lost his 2-years-old son and he began a 14 years search for his son. On his tough journey, he met car mechanic Zheng Shuai who was abducted when he was 4 years-old. Lei Zhekuan helped Zheng Shuai found his parents and follow his lead to continue his search for his son….

The film made the audience cried and when Andy and Boran made an appearance, the audience screamed and it was an explosive atmosphere. Upon seeing many of the female among the audience teared, Andy urge everyone: “Hope everyone can just feel the warmth and need not cry so much.” A friendly Andy also answered the requests from the fans and took photographs with them.

The three of them hope that the audience can spread the motto of the film, “one brings 10, 10 brings 100, 100 brings 1000 and 1000 brings 10,000. While everyone watched the film, they can take note of lost children and allow them to return home soon.”


When talked about the abducted child theme of Lost and Love, Andy exclaimed that he always took note of abduction related matters and news, but in the commercialized world, few films would have the feel of Lost and Love, “The film director insisted for many years, rewrote the script many times, if she had approached me earlier, this film would be released earlier.”

When talked about the film’s story moved him, Andy expressed: “There were 3 lines in this film, what touches me most is that two male leads had a missing piece in their puzzle, it needed us to accumulated bit by bit to express it, in between there was the warmth we made up for each other, finally found the love we lacked in our hearts.”


This time round Andy welcomes the big turnaround in his image as he played a farmer with tanned skin, mustached and face of sorrow, which surprised everyone. Andy expressed as an actor should not only does what he feel confidence, but he’s also confident of his breakthrough, but required the belief of director and co-stars, “If they feel that I looked a bit like a farmer, that it enough.”


There’s a breakthrough in image, a believing acting is also required, several people hope that Andy can win another Best Actor award with this film, but he expressed: “Don’t need to help me win Best Actor, help those who need help to find their child will do!” These words won the applause from the audience.


An audience asked what he felt when collaborating with different newbie film director, Andy exclaimed: “When collaborating with those recognized film directors, they can only see what they normally see of me. But newbie film directors are very daring, they will add new things into my showbiz career, allowed me to transform into a different person, nurture my potential. Meanwhile, collaborating with new actors allowed us to learn from one another, I also found a few things on Boran Jing.” Such modest words touched Boran.

Lost and Love director Peng Sanyuan exclaimed that since the beginning of abducted weibo started in 2010, she found out that the number of abducted children had increased greatly, shooting this film hope that every parents can take good care of their children and take note of their children’s growth. With regards to the film will be compared with Dearest, Peng Sanyuan feels that it doesn’t matter, “Both are good films, this theme would be good to have 100 directors shooting it, it will grab more attention, believed the third director to shoot a film with this theme will benefit the protection of children.”

When talked about casting Andy and Boran in this film, Peng Sanyuan quipped that because both are handsome, “I idolized Andy for many years, this time I buried him into the soil and transformed him into another person. Boran is an outstanding new generation actor, he has sunshine looks and I wish to torture him and express the other side of him.”


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