Lost and Love released “heavenly king transformation” special video

In Lost and Love, Andy Lau changed his normal image and transformed into a pitiful farmer. The production special revealed the Andy Lau “transformation” and you sure be proud of his professionalism.

Heart warming film Lost and Love recently released a video titled “Transformation of the heavenly king”, after Andy Lau’s farmer look was revealed, it created a strong reaction as many netizens expressed that it would be their first and last time seeing Andy looked like this. In this video special, it talked about Andy from head to toe, the transformation from inside to outside, allowing the audience to understand and see how Andy’s farmer look was created, it also showed the mental journey of Andy’s transformation. Among them, Andy falling into the water but raised his bag in the air, shouting out “You must treat him better”, this scene touched the heart, you had to take your hat off for the professionalism and acting experience of Andy.


Gray colored clothes and trousers were from one of the crew members’ farmer relatives, he was wearing this costume in the entire film, a white old track shoes wore from the first till the last minute of the film, he never styled his hair in order to maintain the hairstyle of wearing the helmet, without shooting Andy also wore a cap. According to the request of the film director, he grew moustache, the makeup artist dyed his hair white, applied spots on his face. In this whole package, the normally handsome heavenly king had a major transformation, successfully created a farmer father image.


Although many netizens did not believe that Andy can be a farmer, but he was full of confidence, “I don’t feel there’s a big difference with a farmer, every person is acting his emotion and story.” Photographs of Andy joining the crew queuing up for meals during shooting, Andy standing with the group does not show any out of place, this dismissed any suspicious from the netizens as they exclaimed their respect for the heavenly king. Can be seen from this transformation, just by looking at his image and behavior, it had won the recognition from the audience, the director sang praise that Andy “is a true farmer”.


Other than appearance, Andy also has strict requirements for himself as he specially design every movements. The director revealed that in the film, Lei Zhekuan was carrying a bag which contains his identity card, notices, money which can be said to be all he had, thus Andy made special movements for the bag, when riding the motorcycle he would placed the bag in front of him, while walking he would guard the bag with his hands or hide it inside his coat. The video showed the scene where Andy fell into the water, when in the water, he would raise the important bag in the air and shouted out: “You must treat him better”, the scene made one feel depressed, the audience will be concern for him and kept thinking, who’s the “he” that he was referring to.


When talked about the breakthrough of the character, Andy expressed once he has confidence he would be more daring and live in front of the camera, “Just only the director believes, I’m willing to do, no matter what character,” Andy’s kept breakthrough himself and professionalism is worth to be touched by him.

news and photos from: Mtime, ent.sina.com