Lost and Love: Andy has heart-to-heart talk in bath house

Lost and Love which is directed by Peng Sanyuan, starring Andy Lau and Boran Jing, revealed photographs of the scene of the two male leads bathing in a bath house. Due to the high temperature of the pool and long time in the pool, Andy was suffering from headache, despite the director understanding his suffering but he still professionally insist to continue shooting. He also have a heart-to-heart chat with Boran, the end result is a relaxing and heart warming scene. The male leads were not worried of any embarrassment, because they had got along with each other like friends and family members for a month, thus their feeling in the shooting is in line with their real life.


The bath house scene can be considered as the heavyweight emotional scene in the film, as Lei Zhekuan (Andy) and Zheng Shuai (Boran) poured their hearts out and porno izle understood each other more, this strengthen the closeness and trust of the two whom were searching for their loved ones.


Due to the high temperature of the pool and the steam coming out of the water, Andy was suffering from headaches from being in the water for long period, they had to complete a long dialogue in one go, looking after the health of the actors, the director wanted to shoot the scene in segments but Andy insisted in finishing it in one go.


In the released photographs, Andy appeared more tanned among the two, for his role as Lei Zhekuan, Andy spent 7 days of sun tanning to tan himself, he also underwent a strict diet to lose weight. The bath room scene is an important turning point behind the story of Lei Zhekuan and Zheng Shuai, because after this scene the pair had developed a “father-son” relationship. In the scene, due to porno izle his fear of losing his son, Lei Zhekuan was worried that he would also lose Zheng Shuai if he fall asleep thus he rest one of his legs on him, Zheng Shuai then extend his leg for Lei Zhekuan to rest upon but instead Lei Zhekuan pat on his legs which creates a heart warming atmosphere.


The director was very satisfied with their performance which ease her initial worry of any embarrassment between the actors, because they just got to know each other. In order for the feel of the film to be realistic with real life and nurturing a father-son feel, in the previous one month of shooting, Andy took the initiative to become friends with Boran as he shared filming experience and even took care of Boran when he got injured.