Peng Sanyuan: “Andy is like a treasure that I’ve found”

Lost and Love held its press conference in Beijing on 8 March, Huayi Brothers Media Group CEO Wang Zhonglei, director Peng Sanyuan and male lead Andy Lau were present. The popularity of the heavenly king had brought everybody’s attention to the film, during shooting large number of onlookers had brought the crew “the sorrow that they won’t forget in their lifetime”. However, Andy also suffered from “ill treatment” by the director as he was slapped, thrown into the water, care-less of his image as he squat in the street to eat instant noodles, with regards to this, Andy exclaimed: “I’m not acting, that is me.” Wang Zhonglei sang praise of Andy is “handsome in his soul” and symbolize that the film is a top notch production.


When asked why the film is titled ‘Shi Gu’ (lost and lonely in Chinese), the director explained: “Since planning to have a baby, many families just have one child, thus when the child is lost, to the family and the child, it ‘shi qu’ (lost) and ‘gu du’ (lonely).” At the press conference, the finale trailer was shown, Andy was thrown into the water, plea to people, wore dirtied clothes and looked very thin, it made one feel petty for him, but the scene of Lei Zhekuan being slapped made the character more realistic. Andy exclaimed that he was really being slapped during shooting, the scene required three takes, to show off to the actor, she also personally slapped Andy. When talked about the shooting, Andy revealed that the director requested that the sound of the slapped must be heard in order to feel pain, thus the actor must a lot of strength which resulted Andy’s face to turned red and swollen, the crew prepared ice cube to smoothed the swollen, the whole process was described by the director as “slapped swollen, smoothed the swollen and slapped again”.


Many netizens were shaken after watching the finale trailer, as the hardworking performance by Andy moved them to tears. Director Peng Sanyuan expressed that she tortured Andy in the film which made the crew worried, sometimes she did not dare to look directly at the monitor. The scene of Andy pulling the motorcycle from the sea gave her the deepest impression. “For such professionalism, and the homework he had done, at the set is just a farmer.” While pasting the advertisment in Nanchang, the dirtied heavenly king was being looked down in the crowd, she sang praise of Andy’s perfect performance, “Andy’s professionalism followed us through 5 province, woke up early and sleep late, I feel that this man is a gold mine, you can dig many things out from him, I feel that I’ve discovered a treasure.”


During shooting, Andy was the bridge between the fans and the crew, he took care of the fans’ emotion and maintain orderly on behalf of the crew, “I would tell them that they could not stand past this line during shooting, be obedient!” As the film was shot entirely outdoors, thus attracted large number of onlookers. The director revealed that the scene where Andy ate instant noodles while squatting in the street despite many onlookers, she was worried if Andy could put his idol image down for this scene, Andy replied her: “I’m not acting, this is me.” Andy revealed that he experience eating by the river when there were flies flying around, he demonstrated how he ate and chase away the flies.


Andy invited Sandra Ng and Tony Leung Kar Fai to cameo in the film. Andy exclaimed: “Actually want to tell everybody, Hong Kong actors are also concerned on this matter, thus we specially found 2 Hong Kong actors and was thankful to them for accommodating our shooting process.” Director Peng Sanyuan revealed that Sandra and Tony were not paid for their involvements.


When the photograph of Andy eating instant noodles while squatting in the street, it got huge response in the Internet as netizens sang praise of breakthrough acting from Andy, other than not looking like him, his posture and look in his eyes are different from his past handsome images, it moved one’s heart. However, Andy expressed that he’s not concern whether it’s different, but hope everybody will remember the theme and story of the film.


At the press conference, Wang Zhonglei gave Andy a porcelain enamel mug printed with the words “handsome in his soul” symbolize that the film is a top notch production. CEO Wang quipped that the mug is very useful and reminded Andy: “If you want to open your own restaurant, you can use the same design as packaging.”

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