Lost and Love released final poster and special clip

A production of Huayi Brothers Media Group, Beijing Yuanhesheng Entertainment and Focus Film Limited, directed by scriptwriter Peng Sanyuan, Lost and Love starring Andy Lau and Boran Jin released its final poster which showed Andy a father searching for his son for 15 years and Boran Jing who’s looking for his parents, their eyes showed off their complicated feelings, their trust formed when looking for their loved ones. Meanwhile there is a special clip showing off of thousands onlookers during shooting, bringing out the heavenly king charisma and difficulties during shooting.


The film had location shooting in 5 different provinces Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Chongqing and Chengdu, as male lead Andy Lau is commonly known by people and enjoyed high popularity, wherever they’ve been, there would be thousands onlookers watching their shooting, fans would climbed up stairs, trees and all sort of methods to watch their shooting, fully displayed the drawing power of the heavenly king.

With regards to the onlookers, Peng Sanyuan exclaimed that was not “she had expected”, Andy sighed “I’ll bring the sorrow that the production team would never forget in this lifetime.” Andy also gave enough understanding: “They also does not wish to deter our proceeding, most importantly is to find someone who’s very long in films, going past them, their enthusiasm is what I can expected of.” During shooting, Andy also took up the responsibility of the bridge between the production team and the onlookers as he helped to disperse the crowd, calm the onlookers, made sure that the shooting is professional and friendly. Peng Sanyuan sang praise of Andy’s professionalism in the clip whereas Andy expressed: “My handsomeness is not here (his face) but the soul behind it.”


In the final poster, the character that Andy played Lei Zhekuan appeared went through all the vicissitudes of life, bruised and the hardness of searching his son for 15 years was hard to imagine, his eyes showed determination and have a great longing for a bright future. The other male lead Boran Jing who is Zheng Shuai, his eyes showed a little anger and uncertain. The poster also showed the back of Lei Zhekun riding on his motorcycle towards a far direction, although its a long journey but a bright future, it brought out the heart warming theme of the film.


In the film, Andy and Boran Jing met on the road, because of their similar situation and got acquaintance of each other. Andy’s Lei Zhekuan managed to open up Boran Jing’s Zheng Shuai knot in heart as they embarked in their road to search for their loved ones, along the way developed a “father-son” relationship. When interviewed, Boran revealed that he only met his mother for the first time when he’s 7 years old thus he knew the sensitivity and hurt that these children suffered thus it helped in his performance.


During the shooting, Andy also took care of Boran well, as Andy specially brought the medical cream from Hong Kong for Boran to apply his injury. Andy also joked and taught Boran singing and magic to create some atmosphere and ease his tension. Their “father-son” relationship stretched from the film till out of the film. Boran expressed: “Andy is a heart warming and caring person, the whole shooting proceeding is like a learning process.”


The film Lost and Love will officially open in the cinema on 20 March 2015.

news and photos from: http://news.mtime.com