Lost and Love release its theme song official MV

A production of Huayi Brothers Media Group, Beijing Yuanhesheng Entertainment and Focus Film Limited, directed by Peng Sanyuan, heart warming film starring Andy Lau and Boran Jin Lost and Love recently released its theme song ‘Hui Jia De Lu’ official music video.


The song’s lyrics is written by Andy after experiencing 8 months of shooting the film, in order to write out such simple and yet heart warming lyrics. Recalling the process of writing this song, Andy expressed: “The journey of this film has shrink to become a song.” In this full song official music video, it’s full of Andy’s touching performance in the film, all those touching scenes from the film combined into a touching story.


Actually writing a song about going home is a dream of Andy, he always wanted to sing a song that represent Chinese around the world on their feelings when going home, hope that it will comfort those whom left their hometown for work. Although the lyrics are simple but it reflected what many were thinking, Andy introduce that he hope that the song will spread a message on going home, “Hope those whom had listen, everybody will know that this is the lyrics of going home. I also hope to use the most simple and direct lyrics for the song, allowing people to have 70-80% of feel after listening to the song, using such simple words, will allow more people to receive this message quicker.”


He also hope that this song will encourage those whom are on the road, “Not knowing how hard or far from his place of work to his home, some people really suffered a long time in order to go home, even it will be a tough procedure when comes to buying a train ticket. Going home does not represent a path but rather part of a journey. I hope for everyone that hear this song, or whether have this experience, will be able to have the feeling of going home.”

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news and photos from: ent.sina.com, gb.cri.cn