53 years-old Andy hope to continue to be handsome

Earlier evergreen heavenly king Andy Lau celebrated his 53th birthday with his fans, he always treats his fans as his family members, this year he didn’t forget spend this important moment with them. Meanwhile photographs of the birthday celebration were shared on the fans’ segment of Andy World Club website which includes Andy pout his lips, blew candles which attracted many fans to like those photos. According to Mainland China newspapers reports, Andy’s birthday wish is to continue to be handsome.


When compared to last year’s birthday celebration which he revealed that his daughter looked like his wife and he’s afraid of his wife, this year Andy did not talked about his family matter. He wore a checked shirt with jeans which showed off his handsomeness and youth. Being friendly, he made a lot of expression when he looked at the cake given by his fans. He titled the post “self intoxicating”, singing praise of the cake is sweet and said: “Because of handsome, thus most girls celebrated my birthday with me, it doesn’t matter, hope I can continue to be handsome.”

news and photos from: udn news, Hong Kong Daily, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News