Andy will not be appearing in The Voice of China 3rd season

Earlier it was alleged that Andy Lau would became the coach in The Voice of China 3rd season, it was reported that he would command a high fee of RMB$30 million, there was even student recruitment using his name on the Internet.

Andy finally answered to the allegation officially on his website as his company’s spokesman expressed that the show’s production team indeed got contacted with him, however there was a clashes in schedules thus Andy expressed that he would not be appearing in the show, he also stressed that this is to prevent anybody got cheated. Andy pointed out that he was interested in appearing in the show but it’s a pity that he rushing the shooting of Lost and Lonely, thus he does not have the time.


The content of his announcement published on his website are as follows: In recent months there were many news that Mr. Andy Lau would be the coach of The Voice of China. As the production unit and management company are unable to come to an agreement in date arrangement, thus did not make any public announcement. Now that it’s confirmed that Mr. Andy Lau’s management company and the production unit are unable to accommodate on the schedule, thus he would not be appearing in The Voice of China. Specially clarification to the public. Recently on the Internet people had been using Andy’s name to recruit students for the show, the public clarification of the management company is to make an announcement so that nobody will get cheated.

The coaches for last season’s The Voice of China were Harlem Yu, Wang Feng, Na Ying and A-Mei Zhang Hui-mei. Initially the show wanted to replace Harlem with Andy and Wang Li-hom to replace Wang Feng but Andy and Wang Li-hom had rejected them, A-Mei had yet decided whether she would be staying thus the coaches for the third season has yet been decided.


Meanwhile Andy flew back to Hong Kong from Fuzhou on 4 April around 1:00pm, he was wearing a cap and face mask, dressed in a low profile manner, several fans were there waiting for their idol. When he saw them, he stopped by to chat with them. He appeared to have lost weight but Andy denied it.

The funeral of the late “father of concerts” Cheung Yiu Wing would be held on 18 April at Universal Funeral Parlour, it was alleged that the Four Heavenly Kings, Andy, Leon Lai, Jacky Cheung and Aaron Kowk would be carrying the coffin of Cheung Yiu Wing, the funeral committee had already invited them officially, when asked Andy replied: “I have filming on that day, maybe I would not be able to attend, the committee did looked for me, I don’t know about the others.”

news translated and photos from: Macao Daily,, Apple Daily News, Hong Kong Daily, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao