Andy might not appear in The Voice of China

Recently several Mainland China variety shows offered high fees to engage Hong Kong superstars to appear in their shows, for example China’s Got Talent offered RMB$50 million to Chow Yun Fat as it’s judge, The Voice of China offered RMB$30 million and RMB$40 million to Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung respectively as their coach, but Chow and Jacky rejected their offer, Andy could not confirm his participation due to his schedule. Recently Zhejiang Television new dancing talent show So You Think You Can Dance also offered RMB$30 million to Aaron Kwok as it’s judge which moved him and decided to join the show.


In actual fact, Mainland China variety shows earns a lot in commercials thus the TV stations don’t mind to use heavenly figures to invite superstars to appear in their shows, for example Dad, Where Are We Going successfully invited Julian Cheung and his son to appear in the second season with RMB$20 million, The Voice of China offeringd RMB$30 million to Andy Lau to be one of their third season’s coach, originally Andy was very interested but meantime he had to rush the shooting for Huayi Brothers Media Corporation production – Lost and Lonely, with the film company refusing to grant him leaves, it’s possible that Andy would give this fortune a miss, the production team then turned its attention to invite Jacky Cheung with an offer of RMB$40 million, but he rejected the offer as he does not wish to be away from his two daughters.

Dragon Television talent show China’s Got Talent offered RMB$50 million for Chow Yun Fat as it’s judge, despite the attracting fees, but after much consideration Chow rejected it as he only loves acting but it would be tiring to appear in the program every week, thus decided not to earn the money.

news and photos from: Apple Daily News