Alleged Andy to replaced Harlem Yu as coach in The Voice of China season 3?

Zhejiang Television Chinese reality talent show The Voice of China season 3 will be staring in June, the show’s director Jin Lei who had earlier revealed that there will be a secret heavenly status artist to join as coach, with regards to who, he’s still keeping mum. From understanding, this heavenly king will be Andy Lau as the production unit used $30 million renminbi to move him in joining them, and he will be replacing Harlem Yu from Taiwan whereas the other coaches Wang Feng, Na Ying and A-Mei Zhang Hui-mei will remained.


It was said that initially Andy requested $50 million renminbi but the production unit felt that the price was too high, after much discussion, they came to an agreement with $30 million renminbi. With the addition of Andy, one of the male coaches need to be replaced, after much consideration, they finally decided that Harlem Yu will be replaced while Wang Feng, Na Ying and A-Mei Zhang Hui-mei will remained, those remained will have their coaching fees increased, Wang Feng’s $8 million renminbi will be increased to $10 million renminbi, whereas the female coaches will be taking in $15 million renminbi instead of $10 million renminbi, but their price is still a distance from Andy.


It is known that both Nicholas Tse and Zhang Zhiyi asked for $20 million renminbi per season in Super Boy and The X Factor: Zhongguo Zui Qiang Yin respectively, never expected the high asking price from Andy, the reason could be he seldom appear in such shows. Hunan TV offered $8 million renminbi to Andy for him to appear in their 2012-2013 countdown gala, Andy agreed due to the attractive price.

When reporters approached The Voice of China promotional executive Lu Wei asking him if Andy was invited to be one of the coaches in season 3, he expressed: “After the Chinese New Year then we will announce names of the coaches, we still yet know currently.” Andy replied through his assistant: “The Voice of China had always sent invitation, we are still discussing.” Meanwhile, the manager of Harlem confirmed that he would not be appearing in The Voice of China season 3: “The Voice of China had yet sent the invitation, Harlem will be having his concerts during the summer holidays, afraid that he could not have time for it.”

Zhejiang Television able to use high fees to hire popular singers as coaches, the main reason being the profit of The Voice of China, since Zhejiang Television and Canxing Production purchased the copyright for The Voice of Holland with $2 million in 2012 and produced The Voice of China, it has a production budget of $100 million, season 1 managed a viewership of 800 million, earnings of 300 million, season 2 managed a viewership of 1200 million and earnings of 1000 million, meanwhile for season 3 there will be ready earning as the commercial fee to be earned will be 1500 million, which is a raise from last year.

news and photos from: Apple Daily News,